Do any of you put off things to yoyo?

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Do any of you start yoyoing and get really into it and the yoyo that you’re using is so incredibly good that you just can’t put it down? Am I the only one with this issue?

What do you put off to yoyo?
For me, it’s homework. I know, not good haha.

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Homework is a for sure! Chores, playing with my dog, any other important stuff.

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Nope. Yoyo tends to be near the bottom of my list of things to do these days.

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Well you do have a job and a family.


I don’t have time to yoyo during the holidays. Retail takes precedent.

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Nope. Yoyoing has slowly declined the priority ladder.


Yes, true. But we need to take time for ourselves once in a while. Disneyland was a nice break from “reality”, but like at home, my only time to throw was late at night, and by then I’m just too tired.

I need to have my daily wind-down… I got stuff 3 weeks ago I haven’t even touched yet, outside of taking pictures that I threw up on my Facebook yoyo album. Yes, I mean I still haven’t thrown some of them. Plus I have a Puffin and Gnarwal on the way… no clue when I’m gonna get to those either.

I haven’t really touched a yoyo since I got back from my vacation.

I gotta work harder on arranging meets and getting to YoLex meets.

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yes during homework


Every night, I end up putting off my homework and not even realizing how much time went past.


Homework/studying and sleep…


social interaction


I am guilty of putting off for yoyoing but it is usually just one of my other hobbies (Video games, reading, etc). Writing lesson plans, grading, and all other work and family stuff take precedent.


Nope. I’d rather do homework or sleep. Especially sleep. College students are lucky when they even get a wink of rest.


You mean you still do that!

I kid, I kid. :wink:


Homework, eating, sleeping. Lol


Of course!

I come up with my best tricks when I’m putting off doing something else. ;D


So many things but mainly chores. I only get out for social interaction because my best friend lives in the apartment building across the parking lot from me and watches me throw in-front of my bay window. when he sees me loosening the tension on my string he calls me to hang out. Then I continue to throw when we step outside for smoke breaks. :smiley:

I’d be willing to help you break those in :wink: then again i’m sure most of us would.


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