Where would you be without yoyoing?

The other day i realized something very interesting. If I didn’t discover the yoyo where would I be in life? Yoyoing is truly my passion, as corny as that sounds. I’m not a huge sport person, but I do play the drums. But would that be it, just drumming? My life sounds very dark and boring without yoyoing.
-I wouldn’t have an awesome community to conversate with.
-I would be so bored…all day long…
-I would be using my creativity on things that don’t truly benefit me.
-I wouldn’t be making videos and showing off my tricks.
-I wouldn’t be growing as an individual.
-I wouldn’t have anything to save up for, and wait for in anticipation :slight_smile:
-I wouldn’t have that many inspirations.
-I would be no one.

So, where would you be without the magnificient hobby of yoyoing?

Play YoYo Everyday.


at work

I would be reading more because before yoyoing i love reading, I would stay up all night reading just to finish a book. I would aslo be watching a lot more tv and practicing my baseball skills more often.

Hurting my eyes, because from playing computer, video games and watching tv

I’d be up about $300
I’d be a beast at guitar.
I’d probably be playing more video games.

I would have about 400 more dollars
I would still be playing with Bakugan (yes, I used to use those chunks of plastic)
I would be really bored. Like absolutely nothing to do.
I would sleep a lot longer. (I yoyo late in the night and wake up early to yoyo more)
My cat wouldn’t have lost one of her eyes (don’t try Skin the Cat around your cat. Ever.)
JK. My cat still has both her eyes. But still, don’t try Skin the Cat around your cats. ;D

You don’t understand how much you scared me until I read that last part


If I wasn’t yoyo’ing, nothing much would change. It would just be one less thing getting neglected as people around me constantly try to alter my schedule.

Case and point:
My brother in law was aware of my 4-day road-trip/convention gig, and so he schedules a party on Sunday. I can’t go because I’m working that Sunday as part of the gig. Then he reschedules it for Saturday, which again, I’m working and can’t make it. NOw he’s angry. Now he wants me to pop on out on Friday to fix his karaoke system, and he can’t understand that I can’t just “pop on out” to take care of this, so he’s angry about that.

Now people in my house give me crap, but now I have a yoyo too!

gone fishin 

Flying, piano, being legit at something else.

I still do most the things I did before I started yoyoing. I do tend to bounce between hobbies. I still play video games although not as much. So many coming out this fall. I blame the games mostly on getting older. I will be renting quite a few in the next couple weeks not to mention buying The Old Republic, BF3, GOW 3, and Shadow Of The Collosus. I still watch my nightly sitcoms and movies but I yoyo during these most the time. I still bike. I still work on my car. I think one of the things that declined is I was going to get into painting warhammer 40k minis and stopped after one small army. Yeah I blame yoyoing for my lack of interest in 40k. Also I need to read more. I have like 3 unfinished series to get back on. Maybe I’d have more tattoos too.

Focusing on school or working.

Probably $3000-$4000 ahead. Nah, I’d have probably blew it on canoes instead. :wink:

Well, I broke my foot skateboarding and it took a good while to heal. When I was able to stand (not really walk, but stand) I had to find something to do. I lost the privilege of High Speed internet therefore COD was no longer fun. I don’t really know what made me get a yoyo but I got one and went from there.

Sooo… I’d probably be skateboarding more and spending money on that. I still ride the miniramp every now and then but not nearly as much as I did. I don’t even think I’ve had to buy a new deck since the injury.

Lol. I know, I cant believe I played with bakugan either.