How would you be different?

How would you be different if there was no such thing as yo-yo’s? Would your life change dramaticly? Or would it not? Side question: How much money have you used on yo-yo’s.Just wondering.

Me? Yes. My life would go as usual. But I wouldn’t be spending my day on here, or yo-yoing. I would probably be working on my site (Oh yeah, forgot about that thing! ;D) Drumming, or Chess. I’ve spent about only $80 bucks.

What about you?

I would be interested in fishing, probably. I loved it before yoyos, then the whole yoyo craze thing happened at my school, I got interested in yoyos and, ya.

I’d be in pen spinning a lot or be doing random web stuff. I got no life :P. I spent about approx. $250 on yoyos and strings and lube and bearings

I’d probably be breakdancing more.

i probably would have stuck to skateboarding and diaboloing
I have probably spent about 50 bucks

I almost joined the football team and then Yo-yo came to me. Without yo-yo I would’ve been an A**hole to my friends.

please don’t curse :slight_smile:


I would be out skating

I would be into R/C cars and I would go bowling more often, also since I have gotten back into yo-yo’s I have spent a lot.

I think I might still be solving rubik’s cubes and stuff like that. I forget if there was a break or not in between those and yo-yoing. I’ve spent almost $200 now I think on yo-yos, but it’s all been worth it.

I’d probably go back to playing video games…
In total umm $310 W0w… :o

I wouldnt be doing anything. My life was rather boring before yoyoing. And i suck at everything else. Sports more than anything.

I’d probably be playing some game right now.

I would probably be studying or speedcubing, and be a straight A student.

I already spent $306. I would be studying more for school getting more better grades and video games…

Over 1k for me.

:o :o :o

Id be out skating in Long beach…