Where would you be without yoyo's?

I was thinking and this popped into my head, where would i be without yoyoing. The truth is i really don’t know! Maybe pro skater (as this was my greatest passion before i picked up that brick of a throw monkey). Maybe i would be a dropout. Maybe i would be a army man lol.

Where do you think you would be without yoyo’s?

Here’s a pic i found of my skating about a year ago.

if i were to suddenly loose all of my yoyos? probably in the fetal position. but if i never got into them i know i would have a heck of a lot more money in the bank :wink:

On my boat.

why on a boat? lol

To fish…

You just asked where, not what’d we be doing there :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

lol oh gotcha

If I had never gotten into yoyoing or if suddenly all of my yoyos blew up?

If the first, I’d probably be doing more athletics (playing basketball at the Y mainly).

If the latter, I would probably be confused and would go run into deer or something crazy like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

hunting or fishing although I do that even though I yoyo.

Not here :’(

Really?? lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d probably be much better at guitar. I set that on the back burner for yoyoing…

Probably building race cars. Yes real ones.

Being an alcoholic, but serioulsy probably working more and have more coin in the bank.

Out of the limelight.


id be performing magic/illusions :smiley:

Sharpening my pencil…

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“sharpening my pencil”

I wonder what that meant. lol

if i never got into them, i would get into them now. lol. but i really would be better at the trumpet, F horn, and might have a girlfriend :’(

if all my yoyos randomly vanished, i would buy some more ;D

Still in mw campus
With tons of free time