Time management, how do you fit yo-yo in?

(Alexander) #1

How do you manage your time when it comes to yoyos? Please elaborate on your situation (school, work, family, etc.)

(Mk1 Yoyos) #2

I yoyo during coffee breaks/lunch at work, and in the evening after my kids are in bed at home.


I yoyo whenever I get the chance at school and basically on all of my free time.

(ClockMonsterLA) #4

Available yoyo time:

  • Weekday mornings before heading out for work.
  • Evenings after getting home from work.
  • Weekends.


I yoyo when I’m stressed, even if I don’t have much time to. I yoyo when I’m working in the tutor center, teaching others the basics. I yoyo when I’m happy, sad, busy, bored, and any other time I feel like it. It’s a hobby you can take anywhere and do anywhere (except at an Elton John concert. Apparently that’s a no no). I don’t manage the time I yoyo, I let the string flow whenever the mood, not the yoyo, hits me.

(Evan Landreneau) #6

I yoyo in my free time

({John15}) #7

I throw in my free time. Usually a little in the morning, a little at lunch time, and a little in the evening.

(Francisco) #8

At work, any time I need a brain break I stand up and throw for 10 minutes or so. Keeps the juices flowing, helps me stretch my legs etc. At home I throw any time I’m idle, waiting for something I’m cooking, or whatever. I have 5 or 6 spots I keep throws so whenever I walk by I’ll throw for like 5 minutes then carry on.

Then every now and again, maybe once a week, I’ll focus on new material; learn something to practice all week.

(Tyler) #9

Whenever I can. Most times of the day a yoyo isn’t far from my reach.


Well it was my way of coping with stress and to decompress from my studies while in college. Now I sometimes have my yo-yo with me at work and will throw on breaks. While at home I will stand and watch tv while yo-yoing. Or go outside and throw on the front lawn to get some fresh air and get out of the house. I have always been one of those people who does two things at once. So watching tv and throwing is no different for me then watching tv and playing on my phone or my gameboy back in the day.

(shubham) #11

In early morning if there is sunshine I go to the terrace and throw there. I yoyo when I am stressed,bored. And sometimes I yoyo after having my dinner.i sometimes yoyo when I am alone in home for longer time.

(Nathan) #12

I am homeschooled, so I probably have more time to yoyo than most of you. (Not counting when I’m working at CFA) I take breaks every 45-ish minutes to yoyo, so I can concentrate on school better. I also just yoyo whenever, with a yoyo always within arm’s reach.

However, I don’t really yoyo when I’m stressed as some people have said. I see myself as a fairly consistent thrower, but when I’m stressed I miss about twice what I normally would and it frustrates me more. Anyone else have this same experience?

(Alexander) #13

Hey! I’m homeschooled too! I typically do the same thing, taking breaks every now and then to stay focused.

As for being stressed, I find that yoyoing can help. I wouldn’t say I easily get stressed, but yoyoing definitely helps me to let off a little steam.

({John15}) #14

I have also been known to lose hour long chunks of time during any given workday because throwing a couple of tricks turns into an entire session.

(Nathan) #15

Yeah bro! :house: + :school_satchel::open_book::notebook: = :tada:

(shubham) #16

Bro you mean tired or stressed?

(Nathan) #17

Definitely stressed.

(Bruce D Johnson) #18

I am a retired school superintendent (2016) who “always” had a YoYo in his pocket for the kids (and me!). I still carry one most of the time as kids stop me and ask me to do a trick for and with them (man on the flying trapeze has been done with kids as young as one! — actually it was his wrist). I try to have yo-yos in both cars at all times, a couple near the front door and always one (at least) in my backpack (you should see the folks at the airports around the world when they do a RE-look and some smile at the image … just got back from Israel/Turkey but China is the most responsive -). I use for stress relief and impatience (I am ADHD) waiting for my Bride of 49 years to get ready to go out. While in Israel I did YoYo tricks on the Sea of Galilee, the Masada fortress and multiple other locations!


Time management??? Mehhh what’s that? I’ve got all the time in the world. I have a few sitting around the house. If it catches my fancy I pick one up here and there when the feeling hits me. Watching TV is also a good opportunity, as is standing around waiting for people to get ready…


My approach to more time on yoyo is less time on my phone :v: