Time management, how do you fit yo-yo in?


I use it to decompress, but I have a few other hobbies that compete for what little free time I have, so sometimes I don’t fit it in and I haven’t advanced nearly as much as others have in the same time.

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I may have come up with a yoyo I can take outside for a few throws at work whenever I need to get up and stretch my legs: my TiRROX. My reasoning is that I can take it to a patch of grass/dirt where it won’t face any hard impacts with concrete or cement, and any grime it gets on it from bouncing off the dirt is easily wiped off its smooth surface. Furthermore, being titanium, it will resist scrapes or scuffs (who knows what’ll be in the dirt) better than any of my alu throws.

This is a better solution, I feel, than taking out the (slightly) beat-up Cadence I got from Kiernan, simply due to the TiRROX’s more comfortable width (for me), impressive spin time and stability. I plan to give this a try when I get back to work in the new year.


But not nearly as good of a solution as getting a yo-yo that you can smash into cement and not care :wink:
I know you can swing it if you’ve got the cash for a Tirrox


How do you fit yoyo into the program?

Simple. The same way people fit in checking their cell phone 300 times a day. The same way people are compelled to fit in 2 hours of completely unnecessary text messaging; that seemed to be of critical importance at the time.

The same way people fit in Vaping their heads off. Playing Fortnite and Call of Duty and RedDeadRedemption2 and God of War and Forza 4…

The average person wastes at least at least 2 hours a day doing completely useless things.

The key to this riddle is simple. Spend one week; monitoring everything you do. After one whole week; sit down and look at your notes. Identify each thing you do; every habit that you have; each ritual that you have developed over time.

Then decide what you can delete from your daily regimen.

Then add yoyoing to the Menu…,Simple!

Cut your texting time down a bit. Cut down the Call of Duty; duty. Quit playing with your hair and staring at your tattoos in the mirror. Quit jelling out looking at mail order Vaping supply sites.

Nobody designates you have to give up life and dedicate all to yoyos. Yoyos aren’t Everything you do.

Yoyos are just another thing you blend into your daily routine to add to your positivity generator.

If you honestly feel that you can’t fit yoyos into your daily schedule; then you seriously need to pay attention to what eats up your day and make some time available.

I wouldn’t kid you.

Look at the time I just wasted; writing this response. I could have been throwing🙀

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Finding a yoyo that both performs the way I want and which I don’t care about damaging is the hard part. While I do care about what happens to the TiRROX, I don’t feel I need to be as worried about it due to it being titanium. That’s my best compromise at this point.

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Dude, don’t overthink it so much. There are plenty of inexpensive yo-yos out there that will perform as well as anyone needs, regardless of their preferences

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What would you list as examples? I seriously doubt they would perform anywhere near as good as my One Drops, G2s, Mowls, or Hummingbirds, but I do admit you have me curious.


For me the question would be why does it need to be on the same level as those yo-yos? Realistically, most yo-yos will do everything those will do with maybe a bit more vibe or less museum quality finish or whatever. Idk what kind of performances you’re busting out in your spare minutes on the sidewalk but it sounds like you’re more worried about yo-yos than you are with yo-yoing
I don’t want sound like I’m knocking you for wanting to take care of your stuff, I get it. I grew up super poor and it’s habit for me to not want to destroy things but realistically there’s no reason to not have one or two beaters that have absolutely no boundaries whatsoever. It’s liberating

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Well, I want to throw yoyos I enjoy, right? At the moment that happens to be my One Drops (and a couple of other monometals) and a number of my bimetals because of how long they spin and how stable they are (and how snappily they bind). That’s simply my preference, and I’m not sure there is much point in trying to convince me I am wrong to want to be throwing that kind of yoyo irrespective of the circumstances/environment.

It sounds like I am being advised to either play something I don’t like or to learn to like something different.


I’m gonna tell you the same thing I tell everyone … buy more yoyos!

This is the solution to all problems :genie:

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I think my posts to the “What did you get in the mail this week?” topic can attest to my commitment to that ethos, Jeff. :wink:


It’s also perplexing because you have multiples of yo-yos… pick 1 favorite multiple to be your beater yoyo.

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Hmm. I suppose I could do that. I could nominate my orange M+ for that maybe… :thinking:


Rule number one for having yoyo fun…

NEVER fear throwing a yoyo because you might damage it. Ever, like in never ever…

I told this story years ago… I will give a brief view of the story for reference and consideration>

I knew this guy up the street from my parents house. I wasn’t really good friends with the guy. His Dad and my Dad; grew up in the same neighborhood… so I just knew he was the son of my Pops’ friend from the old days.

He spent a few years building a 4 wheel truck; pretty much from the ground up. Everybody in his family had a job and his Dad was a Longshoreman. So they had money for ‘stuff’.

We would only get a glance of the truck if/when the garage door was open.

Eventually the truck was out in the driveway. And mannnnnn was it Beautiful.

He wouldn’t drive through water. He would not take it out if it even looked like possible rain. He would not park it in the driveway at night. He never even considered to take it off-road.

On the nicest days; he would pull it out in the driveway. And he and his friends would sit around the truck in lawn chairs; just drinking and smoking and little else.

This went on for about a year. Then one day I saw the truck in the driveway with a For Sale sign on it.

I decided to stop by and ask the kid, ‘What’s up with that’?

He told me he was selling his truck because it ‘was no fun’. He said it just depressed him because he just couldn’t bring himself to get it dirty😳.

And… he sold it for a loss.

This is the lesson to be learned.

If you buy a yoyo as a player; throw the yoyo. Pay attention to the space around you. Use a New string and even check the new string to make sure it isn’t a rare defect. Over carpet, over asphalt, over concrete; no matter. Play with the yoyo. Enjoy the yoyo. Don’t be preoccupied with the resale value of the yoyo. Did you buy the yoyo to throw it or to be overly concerned with decreasing its’ worth; if you damage it?

Yoyos are supposed to be fun.

If you throw in fear; you are obviously not having fun.

As is any endeavor in life; living in fear is not really living. Life just turns into one big ball of sweat.

Don’t sweat it. Throw it!

And as somebody already suggested; pick out a potential Beater. An excellent playing yoyo that won’t give you a stroke if you smack it into something.

Step outside your Worrybox. Play with yo-yos.

Throwing yo-yos is supposed to relax you. If you are afraid to bust some moves; that is diametrically opposite of relaxation; isn’t it?


I have a far simpler solution. Buy two copies of your favorite yo-yos. Keep one locked away pristine. And play with the other one!

The solution to all problems is … more yo-yos!

(this is also a fun way to create half-swaps, if you’re into that sort of thing)


Similar with both of my canoes. They are black carbon fiber/kevlar with a gloss gel coat. Slightest scratch shows up white on black. Use them all the time. Yeah, I wet foot launch, but that doesn’t keep them new in any event. They’re no good if you don’t use them.

p.s. I bought it used. I’m the 3rd owner. We each put about a 3rd of those scratches in the hull. Once the first few Are there the others are easier. :hushed:

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honestly, I just carry a yoyo with me everywhere I go. My logic is with yoyos is if I have time even if it’s 5 minutes, I can yoyo and a trick in that time. However, usually on the weekends I ramp up doing yoyo tricks more as I have more time on my hands.


Plus, yoyos are lucky, everyone knows that… so carrying a yo-yo makes you more lucky :four_leaf_clover: