Yoyo Schedule

So now that school’s coming back, I was just wondering how you guys broke up your time for yoyoing. Thi is how I like to do it:
I change the style that I practice every Saturday(Week1-1A, Week2-2A, Week3-4A,Week4-5A)
I only have time for hour of practice every week day
Every Weekend I usually play for 2-3 hours

That’s basically it.
What’s your schedule!?!?!?!

I just yoyo whenever I feel like it. I also just do whatever style I feel like at the time. Usually it’s either 2a or 4a, but not always. I should also throw 3a into that.

I yoyo when I want to… Like now.

I yo whenever there’s free time…in college there’s lots of it

really? i thought it was even worse when you’re a yoyoer in college :o seems like a place where you have no free time

Sometimes you have long breaks in between classes. My longest was 2 hours. I guess you can spend that time to study, or Yo.

theres lots of free time, im taking 4 classes, from 8 till 12, in beetween classes i throw with some friends…college is so much fun…more lax than high school, in high school i used to have like 8 classes

Me too :smiley:

I yoyo atleast an hour everyday

5.30 3.00 school
12.00-1.00 lunch hour i yoyo maybe 20 minutes here
3.15- 10.00 homework
10.00- 2 or 3 in the morning, yoyo

I yoyo whenever I want to. Making a schedule seems too… weird for me.

I agree samad.

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same here, i need a job to take up most of that time though :stuck_out_tongue:

I despise schedules.
I just yo-yo whenever I feel like it.

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When I can. School takes up some time but I’m going into 4th grade so I yoyo in line or recess or even at the school library!

wow awesome to see some young players out there!!!

wow future yoyo prodigy??? :wink:

Yeah, can’t find much throwers on here my age :’(

I’ve almost fallen into a schedule…

I wake up and eat breakfast, and I watch tv and yoyo untill its time to leave.

I yoyo very little in school…

Inbetween school and band practice I have time to yoyo,

Then at home after home work and if I dont have work I yoyo…