Not sure if their is another post on this or not. Their probably is, but i was just wondering how often you guys practice?
like i usually get in about 1 hour a day but in the summer i got like 3 hours a day

Yeah that’s about the same for me. Anywhere from 1 to 3 hours a day. Once school kicks in though that will drop to about 1 hour.

Whenever I feel like practicing. Just throw when you want to, never throw if you don’t want to.

Around 5 hours.

Yeah. Some days either I can’t hit anything at all or I just don’t want to throw so I don’t. Best way to do it is to do it when you feel like it.

Yeah that’s the thing I love about yo-yos. Unlike guitars, games, or any other hobbies, the yo-yo is very easy to pick up and put down. Just slip it on, and when you’re kinda “uuuug” just put it back into your pocket that’s it. So yes, just practice when you feel like it.

To answer the question, about a total of 10-20 minutes a day

today i practiced like 2 hours, yesterday i practiced 4 hours. tommorow idk. it is different every single day

Yeah, same for me. I start school this coming Tuesday(September 1st), so my practice time will probably drop a lot. Oh yeah:

I go by that. But yoyoing is just SO AWESOME that I end up with about 3 hours during the summer and 1 hour in school year. I don’t have a set time I have to practice. That’s weird IMO

when ever i get the chance

If you want to get really good you have to practice a few hours a day.

However, you can still get pretty good by just throwing whenever.

I probably throw about and hour every day (sometimes more sometimes less).

The key is to experiment with new things so you can make up more tricks :wink:

5 hours?

I just throw casually. When I’m at home, at the mall, wherever I am.

Today I threw/ am going to do at 10 because I got up early and have Yoyoclub.

I throw about an hour or more each day. Sometimes I’ll even throw more.

well since i got my yoyo i’ve been yoyoing like all day. really. all day. like when i eat i yoyo between bites. …I think im addicted. today i didnt at all though cuz my yoyo needs lube bad and i cant get any cuz theres no money in my dads paypal acount. :frowning:

Usually about 1 hour to 2 hours. BUT… The first few days I get a new yoyo, I go allll day longg.

i can definitely agree their

Depends. Today I practiced pretty much all day since I went to the Kite Shop.

Other days I rarely yoyo at all.

I can yo-yo anywhere from 1-3 hours a day.

in the summer i get about 8 hours a day at the least and on school days about 4 hours.

ILTYY (ilovetoyoyo)