How long do you throw everyday?


Some people say they ‘practice’, I dont really consider it practicing. Thought this may be a cool thread. I personally am homeschooled and probably YoYo anywhere from 4-7 hours a day.


Depends on my mood, sometimes i play for 30 minutes, other times i play for hours.

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3Ish hours, but it depends if I’m busy or not


I’d say a good 6 or 7 hours a day… or until my shoulder and finger can’t stand it anymore.


Tough for me to come to a good average. I go through phases each week. For 2 or 3 days I might throw for a total of 3 hours or so. Other days maybe closer to a half hour. Really hard to judge even within that since I usually only play for 20 or 30 minutes at a time, but multiple times a day.


Anything between 15 minutes to 5 hours. Depends on my mood and whether I’ve got other things to do.



If I’m lucky, I get 10-15 minutes at my kid’s school while they wait in their lines before the bell and the teachers come get them. If I’m lucky again(not likely), another 15-30 minutes at home. Lucky isn’t on my side. That first one is down to 5 minutes and that second one is non-existant right now.

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I hardly throw at all nowadays. I’m still kickin’ though.


I do like, 20ish 10-15 minute segments a day.


I do school for about 5-6 hours, i practice my bass for 2, i spend another two with meals/potty breaks, and sometimes i watch television for about an hour. then i sleep for 7… that means i practice about 5 hours a day. :o


Well, I’m 6’ 2" so probably about 2’ 6" or so most days. Sometimes longer.


Al from 4 min to 4 h


Around 3-4 hours a day… :smiley:


I usually spend around 30 minutes a day just playing around and maybe trying to learn a new trick.


Sometimes if Im busy I won’t throw at all, but I usually throw 30 min- 2 hours on weekdays and like 3 hours a day on weekends


I try to throw 3-4 hours each day. Most days I’m successful if I don’t sleep. :stuck_out_tongue:

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30-60 mins