when does school start for you? and whats your GPA?

Here, GPA is actually percentage, because we only have one class. average is 88, i ended my last school with a 93.88, and until i blew my final, i had a 94.6. My next class forms Oct. 21st

Fourth of September - and we don’t have GPAs over here.

you go to school on a sunday? o.O

When ever I feel like

What ever I feel like

School starts whenever I feel like goin. And probably around a 1.3.

What does that mean?

Are you homeschooled?


take the average. that’s for unweighted. if you want a weighted gpa (I’m not sure how many schools do this, but I know lausd does, and some universities look at weighted) then add 1 more point for AP classes (ie: A=5, B=4, etc) and half a point for honours classes. (A=4.5, B=3.5, etc)

Mine weights them. Here it’s 4 points for on level, 5 for pre-ap classes and 6 for AP. (There are only two AP classes that freshmen and sophmores can take so obviously no one can get a perfect 6)

I have to start TOMORROW!!!

I’m in like a week… In sorta excited actually… A few kids at my school yoyo.

School starts for me next two weeks

Started last Monday. Lowest GPA: 3.89 Highest: 4.16

School started like 4 weeks ago.

4.0 always! :smiley:

August 28. GPA: 3.8

August 27th for my college…My averag now Is a 3.35 after having two summer classes…It will go up, I know it. For My high School, I graduated Magna Cum Laude…with a darn 99.137 final grade. I was ticked…less than a point from Suma!!! ARGH!!!

September 4th and GPA? NOT VERY HIGH…

I start Sept. 5. My GPA is 4.0.