What's your style?

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #1

Whats your style?

I like to wear alot of black ,and skinny jeans (I would ,but my dad doesn’t let me. :-[).
I’m usually wearing headphones around my neck and pleanty of gloves or wrist bands.
I have no peircings or tattoos because my bodys a temple and I don’t want it to have
alot of junk all over it.I like to wear cool shoes like converse ,vans ,osiruses ,and other cool brands.
I like chains and cool belts ,hats ,and anything with ninja turtles on it.

How do you dress? (Please don’t be too judgemental.)


I like skinny jeans, but not terribly tight. I make skinny jeans look normal. I also like lots of hats too.
as for shoes Nike flat bottoms are the best. I also agree with

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #3

yea,I don’t like them too tight either ,but my if their a little too tight he won’t let me buy them.


uhhh, I guess I only wear skinny jeans. its hard to find pants that fit me without being baggy. I’m 6’1 and 145 lbs.

(YoYo_Freak) #5

I wear cargo shorts a t-shirt and my 150 dollar european shoes :stuck_out_tongue:


i guess you could call it the art of fighting without fighting

bruce lee


Chinese boxer shorts?


i hate to ask, but how are chinese boxers different from regular boxers?


it was a joke! you quoted Bruce Lee from “Enter the Dragon” also in the “Return of the Dragon” his fighting style is Chinese Boxing-play on words


Skinny jeans, wristbands, a pop can tab bracelet(held together by yoyo string i might add)
No tattoos.
Lots of black or punk clothing


My style is yoyoing


and mine was a joke referencing and comparing chinese boxer shorts to those chinese finger trap things…


My style I guess= Simplicity= T-shirt, jeans, Glasses, and running shoes. No tattoos and don’t really wear hats or jewlary. I’m boring.


t shirt, cargo shorts, yoyo, watch, phone, sometimes mario mushroom hat


Baggy/Loose jeans or cargo pants, DD shirt, zip up hoodie, New Era Rays hat, DC low top or Nike mids, Tattoos (Because I have never been in a temple that didn’t have art)


1a and occasionally some 4a here and there haha


Did you even look at anyone else’s posts?
Tshirt, skinny jeans, beat to crap running shoes, winter jacket.


wow so many people including me wear skinny jeans here


I actually wear super skinny jeans as skinny jeans look normal on me.


Hahahahahaha… oh wow