Need Fashion Advice lol


I am a 13 year old boy, and I like to stand out. I wear red, blue, green, and other colored skinny jeans. I’ve been told my Nike Air Max’s don’t go with my skinny jeans, so I need new shoes. By the way, I am straight, for those who are wondering. Anyway, what shoes should I get? I want either navy blue Sperry’s or men’s black Toms. These are my two choices, and I need opinions. All real advice and opinions are appreciated.

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Black Toms, black goes with EVERYTHING


13 same

Well you being 13 you might wanna stay away from red, blue, and camouflage (gang related)

I go with simple things no need to waste $100 on Jordan’s, your going to wear them out eventually, buy a new throw instead

Buy some converse those go with skinny jeans, a few Vans thin hoodies, some Urban Pipeline plain sweaters
And T-shirts of your choice

When you wear skinny jeans don’t sag them a lot it’s ok to sag them a little to keep your “unmentionables” from,… Well you know what I mean, but the point is DON’T SAG ALOT!!! That annoys the heck out of me, and you look plain stupid with your pants down

If guys have their jeans this low this generation in a few years they will have them down to their ankles.

Well hope that gives you and Idea and if you throw at school wear something that the string has contrast towards, for when your demonstrating tricks (Watch the G5 demo video if you wanna see when the string has no contrast towards what your wearing)


I would tend to avoid Sperrys or Toms. They really aren’t all that good looking. Toms also have the added problem of being girly. Plus, both brands seem to me to be a fad. Remember when all the cool kids were wearing Crocs?

I’d agree with this. Black Chucks go with everything. If you want to stand out a bit, get the all black ones and match your laces to your string color.


If you really want to stand out forget about the skinny jeans and try no pants at all. I hear it’s the latest fashion in Milan.


Get some janos or kostons.
But yeah definitely not air max’s.

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I’d agree with this. Black Chucks go with everything. If you want to stand out a bit, get the all black ones and match your laces to your string color.
I’m obsessed with Converse, so I agree with mrcnja


three words…



so i guess i’m the only one who wants to kinda slap him, right?

i just google’d “black toms” and for recommending these to a boy you deserve a smack on back of the head too.


probably the most legitimate advice in this thread


Well I’m sorry, I didn’t know some people actually want to get stabbed


that’s regarding the gang related thing right?

you do have to admit that getting stabbed for the wrong colour of jeans is just…

ok, i can’t form my opinion in a polite language because the stupidity of such situation just burns my eyes, but you get the idea.


I can’t wear skinny jeans. they pinch in all the wrong places.


Really? I never knew.


I love the Reebok Zig lites


Chucks are cool, but uncomfotable after a while.

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Don’t get the thread locked ,and quit trying to make MrSquirrel feel bad.Every one has their own style ,now a days,even if it’s just a phase.
Declaring your maturity where it isn’t needed usually bursts out into an argument ,and none of us want that.

As for MrSquirrel ,black Chucks ,vans ,or airwalks are your best bet. :slight_smile:


Dude, if you’re rocking colored skinnys, you can’t be wearing Nikes haha. Been there done that. You see colored skinnys are a not-mainstream fashion statement, so by definiton you can’t wear mainstream shoes. I agree with everybody else, Chuck T’s are the way to go. Not low topped, high topped ones. Pull your jeans over them. Any color, but black or charcoal grey are your best bet.

Get a belt that isn’t the color of your jeans (try an orange one, or a studded one if you’re more of a rocker than a hipster). Get a couple (2 or 3) sweet-lookin’ slim fit hoodies. You don’t want a winter coat with skinny jeans, you will look way bigger than you are.

Whatever seems to be in right now, get the opposite. Be a trend-setter not a trend-follower. Shop at girls’ stores man, I’m tellin’ ya’, you can get some sweet jeans in stores like Forever 21 and in the girls section of Old Navy. If anyone looks at you, act like they’re the weirdo shopping in the wrong section, and let them see you aren’t afraid of what they think. Girls are attracted to confidence, but don’t be cocky. Also, check out some stores like Pacsun in your local mall. Or Buckle. They all have shirts that go really well with colored jeans. Look at Levi’s 510 line if you aren’t keen about shopping in girls’ stores. They have sweet colors, and are decently priced too. I’m rocking white 510’s right now!


Thanks for all the advice! And btw the jeans I wear are Levi’s boy’s 510 and I have white ones too :wink:


You do realize that girls jeans are cut majorly different than boys jeans???


For shoes get some Adidas Sambas. look awesome and last forever. Pretty cheap too. like 65 for a good pair.