Who else loves denim?!

Aside from myself… I am always fascinated by denim. Mainly raw and/or selvage denim. I love it because over time your raw denim gets customized to you and the things you carry. You get fades, whiskers, and honeycombs made by the way you wear your jeans!

My current pair of jeans, I just started wearing, are APC Rescue’s but I’m thinking of selling or trading them because these are too loose on me and want some that are a bit more slim-fitting.

I love denim so much I had some denim Chaz Pads made for my yoyos a few years ago.

A couple fit pics:



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Me here. Probably going to get a pair of unbranded’s soon.

I’ve heard some good things about them. Are you getting them locally?

I’ve been told there’s quite the denim fan club within the yoyo community, but I haven’t experienced it firsthand.

I mostly wear Old Navy. LOL!

hahah, yup A.P.C are great, my favourite are the A.P.C x Supreme denim didn’t come cheap but they are some great lookin pair of denims. I like Levi’s as well and I really want to get my hands on some balmain.

Does liking the Denim pouches that come with Anti Yo’s come with count? Other than that, I don’t know too much about all these fancy brands and stuff, I usually don’t wear jeans because it’s too hot in Texas. Although, I must say, jeans are EXTREMELY popular here, everyone and their Grandma has a pair, but I anticipate it’s like that in most places…

Yea, Balmain is money. I’ve been into fashion for a long time. My brother worked with a couple fashion designers in NYC so I’ve always seen/heard/watched him.

The APCxSupreme is pretty straight. I like some Supreme things but I’m honestly tired of seeing everyone with the box logos and hats. The only thing I’d buy from them is the Kermit skate decks.

Sure. I’ve still got my Anti-Yo BSP raw denim pouch that I love.

I wear jeans 7 days a week. Stock Levis and Lees. Not in to high buck jeans.
Have a denim jacket I like as well.

MiamiBuddha - if they were a bit shorter they wouldn’t bag up on you so much.

I got into the selvedge earlier this year when some of my friends in the yoyo community had some nice denim and I envied it and they educated me about it and I ended up getting some Naked and Famous Dirty Fade denim and I’ve had them for about two months, still no fading, I realllllly need to get them hemmed because they’re very long but they were pretty tight on me at first but they stretched, plus I lost weight so they’re pretty loose all around on me now, hoping to get some Elephant 3’s down the line though.

Nah, they’re just too baggy in general. Getting them hemmed wouldn’t help the leg width. I feel like I’m wearing JNCO’s LMAO!

I like jeans! And a denim jacket occasionally. I like skinny jeans the best though.

Yea, I’m not into super skinny but more slim for sure. I’ve just had these a long time and decided to try them out… They’re on eBay now. lol

Word bruh bruh. Supreme is getting on overdrive. Did your brother do anything big?

He did a lot of graphic design work for some big brands in NYC an LA (he went to FIT and FIDM) but didn’t get to make any big contributions to the fashion world because of his death.

Dude you have dirty fades too? That’s the current pair I’m wearing. 7 months now. They fade SUPER slow

Dang, haha, they’re getting wayyyyy too big on me, kind of sucks but I feel like I’ve already gotten my money’s worth to be honest so getting a new pair isn’t too big of a loss

I’m nevernude, so yeah, this guy loves denim. :smiley:

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I think I just blue myself reading that comment. :smiley:

His worked payed off, Im really sorry to hear that bruh bruh