A bit of banal pettifoggery


Now with the cooler weather coming back upon us I am once again running into a petty little aggravation I had allowed to escape my musing; I find it nigh unto impossible to throw a yo-yo in long sleeves. I can’t stand to have cuffs down around my wrists while I’m trying to play. It throws me all off. I throw crooked, I miss the string on catches. Shirt cuffs just absolutely bowl me right off my game and I’m already standing pretty close to the gutter as it is. It drives me crazy. (of course with me that’s really not a drive, it’s more like a four inch putt.)

So my question is this, is this the experience of others, that you have to be in short sleeves to really bring your “A” game or am I already standing so close to the precipice of total yo-yoing failure this one little itsy-bitsy miniscule change knocks me over the edge into the dark abyss of bandalore perdition. A fate throwers of greater abilities never themselves will ever face just because they are wearing long sleeves.

Like I warned you, this is indeed just pettifoggery.


I’ve got like 2 articles of clothing that I can NOT wear while yoyoing. Other than that, long sleeves don’t bother me much.


darn, it is just me then.


I wear long sleeve shirts year round to avoid sun exposure. Doesn’t bother me in the least.


They don’t get in the way of me throwing, cause I can’t blame being bad on the shirts, but it does get HOT when I’ve been at it awhile. I start to break a sweat. I tend to shed them at some point anyway, but for a different reason. :wink:


I knew it. I’m just worthless. Why did I even own yo-yos? I should pursue a past time I am actually good at, like mattress testing or video watching. All this money I’ve spent on high end metals… a fool and his money.

(I’m not surprised jhb8426 wears long sleeves a lot. In Minnesota they have two seasons; August and Winter.)


I dislike long sleeves. I also dislike wearing pants, mostly wearing shorts year round as well. Based on my main line of work, long sleeves and long pants get torn and get in the way for me. Long sleeved T’s tend to work OK though, usually, but I tend to push the sleeves up a bit. However, on those rare instances where I have to play “dress up” and wear a buton-down shirt with long sleeves, forget about it. I can barely function in that kind of attire. Just sucks the life right out of me. The main issue aside from the cuff is the looser fit gets in the way.

My bigger issues regarding playing is my watch on my left wrist and a custom silicone wrist band on my right wrist. The string can sometimes get caught on the watch band or wrist band.

When it gets cold and I’m wearing a hoodie, I have to push up the sleeves so it doesn’t get in my way, which is becoming more and more of an issue as I’m learning a bit more.

That’s just me.


Rofl. Siiiiiig.


Thank god, someone else understands! i cant yoyo in long sleeves either friend :-\


There, it sounds like Studio42 and I are pretty close to being on the same page here. I can’t stand to have my watch on either when I throw.

“I also dislike wearing pants”

Okay, that right there, maybe a little too much information. :o


Are you heavily tattooed, or do you just have dainty, lily-white skin? Lol.


I wear short sleeves when i yoyo outside, but only cause i want to keep my farmer’s tan.


It’s simpatico! I’m back on board baby!

Hey you, get your hands off my case, I’m keeping 'em after all!

I always assumed the Pajama Man yo-yoed in a bathrobe.

(Waylon) #14

I’m with you on this one, banjo. It’s like putting tape on a cat’s feet.

(DOGS) #15

I can wear sleeves to my middle knuckles and be a-okay.


I am wearing shorts! I mean, come on!


we have way too much fun some days don’t we?


This thread just made me soo happy.

I dislike wearing long-sleeves, but I am manly enough do deal with it! :wink:


I cant wear long sleeves while yo-yoing so I i found under amour is pretty good to Yoyo in


well, if it comes down to a question of virility apparently Totalartist has me beat as well. Now there’s no doubt that’s still feasible, me being such a milquetoast wussy man and all. Wait, you guys don’t know me…it’s because my biceps are sooo bulked up that when I throw it flexes my forearms so much they get encumbered by the tight cuffs.

Yep, that’s the story I’m working right there.

And if Abby says she can’t wear long sleeves while yo-yoing I find myself in the best of company I could possibly think of right there. It’s all good!