Some people yoyo in the dry, I yoyo in the wet..


So, I have discovered YoYoing in the shower is super fun.

Warning: Super addictive, water bills are likely to rise…

It’s fun! I used a broken Butterfly and a old YYE Poly string.

It dried with ease so no harm don’t to the yoyo. But if it messes up I do t care, free is free!

Here is a pic.


xD I’ve only ever heard rumors of the “great one.” He was said to be so cool, he yo-yoed in the SHOWER! Dun Dun Duuuuuun!


Doesn’t the string stick to your finger? :open_mouth:


I prefer a rubber duck.


Quick question. Why did you even take a yoyo into the shower in the first place? I mean, really…


Good idea! I was just about to take a shower anyways. Now I’m bringin’ my Genesis.

Lets see how this goes…


Changed my mind…bad idea, Maddog :wink:

Not much room and the water made the string just STICK to my fingers. Tricks were pretty dang tough, lol. Even binding was a little difficult. Was able to hit Brent Stole a couple times, though.

Snapped a few pics cuz.

But it definitely was fun. Though hitting the tile walls was quite loud :frowning:


Don’t use your genesis.

Why did I do it? It was a broken butterfly and I decided to smash it with a sledge hammer.

A friend recomended the shower.
So I did it.

The string sorta sticks, but I just did a trapeze stall, gravity pulls, and some milk the cows.

Hey link, if you genesis breaks ill take it!


I did it with my kickside. Totally rusted the bearing and axle into a big clump. Making roostertails by walking the dog is super fun


Imagine doing a trapeze with your… nevermind.


Thats why I used a butterfly. For fixed axle.

Two plastic halves and a metal axle.

I’m going to flatten it with a sledge hammer if I get bored in the shower.

I always have a Imperial and some others…


Am i really going to do this tomorrow with my ONE… :smiley:


._. That might be painful… *shiver


I dont think doing a trapeze with your toe would be that painful :wink:


Please don’t be negative.

Be sure after your done with the ONE that you take it apart and dry it.

Do you guys yoyo with the water on? I do…


Let’s try it with a MIB OG Peak…


Ha-ha-ha (Sarcasm)…




Yeah, that wouldn’t really be possible if you think about it… Unless you… Never mind.


Are you going to flatten it with the sledge hammer in the shower?
Do you keep a sledge hammer in the bathroom?
If so, may I ask why?