What's your favourite string? (And some specific questions regarding markmont and airetic, zipline strings)

Hey guys, so I’ve been especially interested in strings recently and I have a few questions regarding a few string brands I’m curious about.

So I’ve been a kitty/sochi user ever since I started yoyoing just like everyone else. I started off with the older version of kitty fat, moved onto sochi fat/normal and most recently I got the new kitty string XL (first class) to try them out.

I’ve enjoyed most strings but personally I thought most of the strings I’ve used so far felt similar to each other until I ordered a boutique yoyo. First I got the bequest legacy which came with the markmont cumulus foam. This string is the first string that really made me think strings really make a difference. It’s so thick, feels rope-like and because of that it’s very whippy and retains its tension well thanks to the fact that it’s twisted extremely tightly. Because of this, I’ve been interested in all of the markmont formula strings and just ordered 10 of each long lasting markmont string.

I also recently got an Exia and as many of you might know, it comes with an airetic string. Holy hell this string is soft. The bulk string I used to use felt like slightly tactile strings while the markmont felt like a rope, but this is on the other end of the spectrum, feeling like paracord and I can’t feel the twist of the string at all. It’s just so slick and feels like some sort of smooth and soft cord.

The one thing I realized the most when using these boutique strings were just how long these things last. Kitty string frayed a lot after a day of heavy play and it would become crinkled over time. I tend to like broken in string because I like stiff, non-bouncy string but since breaking in kitty string made them crinkly and twisty, it wouldn’t stay neutral in terms of string tension. Also, bulk string would become thinner over time as they stretched out which made them slipper with binds which I didn’t like. I really like consistent binds and broken in kitty XL wasn’t able to stay consistent with binds, so I was in a dilemma.

With airetic and markmont strings, these issues were resolved immediately.

First of all, markmont cumulus foam strings are already wound extremely tight, which meant that they were stiff out of the box without needing to break them in. Also, they don’t stretch out over time, which means that they retain their thickness. Because of this, the string doesn’t’ go slippy over time unlike most bulk string I’ve used.

Airetic is like magic. I don’t know how they got something so soft but durable at the same time. Markmont cumuls foam would fray a bit over time (although the feel of the string is preserved no matter how heavily I would play it) but airetic string just doesn’t seem to fray. It looks and feels as fresh as it was when it was new.

I love durable string and I like that I don’t have to switch them so often when I used bulk. Also, I love the consistency of their play. I recently ordered 10 strings each of markmont’s long lasting string (the ones advertised to last 1+ years) and I’m excited to try them out.

On the other hand, I heard that airetic are currently out of production as their string making rig became dysfunctional. This really bummed me out. This is why I’ve been curious about zipline strings since I’ve heard people saying that they last long and are extremely smooth like airetic strings. I heard that the zipline skyline strings are the closest thing to airetic right now.

Now here’s where my curiosity comes in:

What’s the most durable string that you used so far?

My criteria for durability is:

  • Consistency in play after months of playtime

  • Consistency in length/thickness after months of playtime

  • Ability to hold tension

  • Reusability when washed

Here are some strings I’m interested in so I would highly appreciate if any of you can provide any insight on any of their feel:

  • Markmont formula thick strings: Copi, Dragon, Night Moves, Blue Eyed White Dragon, Cumulus Foam

  • Zipline Strings: Business Class, Performance, Skyline

  • Evan Nagao Plutonium

  • Toxic Strings

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string is such a unique experience person to person, even yoyo to yoyo, and even the different bearings can make the same string feel different in some ways. string is not expensive, especially when compared to yoyos. just buy them and try them. and if you don’t like a certain string, try using it on a different yoyo.

my markmont string has lasted longer than anything else I’ve tried. including between washes.


ZipLine is my favorite brand. They have a nice variety of styles and thicknesses, and all of them are great (except maybe the black ones they used to make). My favorite is GoldenEye, and I also like their Executive class strings and their Skyline III strings. They also make the “Diamond Blend” strings for G2, and they are amazing as well.

I started out buying YoYo String Lab: Type X.

The closest thing to Airetic string that I’ve tried is Bad Wolfe Co. But there are a few other 100% nylon strings that I haven’t tried. I’ve tried a few of Zipline’s nylon blend strings and they are really great (Smoothie, Signature Plus). Now that I think about it, Signature Plus has really lasted a long time. Maybe longer than Smoothie. But I’ve only had them for a month or so, and I haven’t washed any yet.