What's your favourite string? (And some specific questions regarding markmont and airetic, zipline strings)

I bought a wide range of zipline a to try and now that I have a single Airetic the only ones I can say come close are the signature plus and smoothie zips. The slushy and performance plus are way tougher than the Airetic.

If you want something as close to possible as Airetic, give Sinister Cephalopod’s Tortuga Twists a try—they’re 80/20 nylon/poly, but he’s releasing some pure nylons on the 15th IIRC. The 80/20s are very close to Airetics in playfeel though.

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I’d say that Skyline III is the closest to Airetic that Ziplines offers. Just a wee bit too pricey for me.

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I would compare the Sliccs to Airetic after they’re broken in. They don’t feel super soft right away, but once you use them for a while. They start to get really soft. They’re super whippy and last a really long time. Like I’ve never had to change a Bad Wolfe Co string for wear.

I’m pretty sure I own all the MF formulas. They’re all great, some for different styles of play or different yoyos. DRAGON is my go to though.