Wanted to try new strings

I have waited to try some zipline or markmount strings as I hear all good things about them.the only proplem I have is I live in the uk and the post is too high it puts me off


Well now that you got that off your chest…

Feel better?


I do a bit lol


Well I think the solution is pretty simple really.
All you really need to do is move here to the US.

I feel bad for you :frowning:

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Thanks. I think I will just have to order some

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i live in asia so i have to factor in international shipping into most - if not all - of my online orders.

after a while, the price of postage doesn’t bother you anymore cuz you’d be numbed by the pain :upside_down_face:


I feel your pain as I also live on these fair isles, I took the plunge and ordered some Ziplines though, about half the postage cost of Markmont strings!

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Do some string trades with folks here on the forums! For the cost of a stamp and an envelope you could easily sample a few strings, if you have other strings to trade.

There’s even a topic for string trading here if you search :wink:


How do ziplines compare to kitty fat strings

We should have markmont formulas coming soon! :blush:


Ooh nice make sure he sells a sampler pack too! Those are DA BEST

That’s great news! More people need the opportunity to try these.


I just tried ziplines for the first time just now—as in literally 20 mins ago. I like the nylon ones—executive class I think these ones were called—they are so smooth on the hands, so slick in general, yet they bind really snappy and don’t snag easily. Unlike a lot of nylons, these aren’t overly bouncy or weird feeling in any way. If they last significantly longer than poly—they’re a bit expensive, I’m switching.

Their poly strings are good too, also much better than Kitty, but the difference isn’t quite as extreme. They’re a tad hard on my hands, but still pretty slick otherwise. Snags a bit easier than the nylon, but not bad, and binds great. My initial impressions are extremely positive.