Whats your favorite metal rimmed?


right now i still think the DM2. the Sr-71 is too unstable imo and the mini motu is too small. others i havent played with long enough or i havent tried. you guys?

EDIT: i recently got a days worth of throwing the new breed, which is probably the most beginner friendly metal rimmed. similar to the dm2. and if the phenomizm is considered metal rimmed, that would acually be my fav!


Original speeder.


It’s a tie - Hitman & DM II.


Hmm I really like the Chief. trollface.jpg

Didn’t care much for the DM2, SR-71 was good, but I think my favorite was an Atmosphere.


Depends on my mood.

DM2 works great for me though. I have plenty of YYJ’s to choose from and that’s one of the plastic/metals with a metal rim that I will reach for most often. I also have the Speeder, Speeder 2and the Hitman Pro, all of which see plenty of use.


The only one I own, the Vigilante. hope to get more though.


Inspire… bam…


Original Hitman is the best.

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Hitman, DMI (say what you will I just like it), and DMII. Oh my, Oh my how could I have forgotten my Nightmoves III? Love that thing!


I only tried speeder 2. And its amazing!


Only tried a DM2 and it’s a great yoyo for the price.


I started out on the original Dark Magic and still I love the thing. Granted I accidentally stepped on it and the whole axel system came out but I still have it! :smiley: . By far my favorite Metal rimmed yoyo.


I’m gonna have to go with the DM (only real bi-metal rimmed I’ve used, but hey, who cares, right?). It is just full of class :wink:


Phenomizm, then original Speeder


PHENOMizm and X-Con PRO are my current faves. Would love to try a Vexed and Inspire as they both look nice.

I find the DMII to be totally overrated. Seems like its popularity is more because of Andre and YYE than performance. SpinFaktor X plays noticeably better and is even slightly cheaper.


Speeder (either version, though I personally enjoy the hybrid response of the original).


Original X-convict. I like the o-ring response and its a good size.


I have tried dmII , Xcon pro, atmosphere, new breed, phenomIzm, inspire, hitman.

PhenomIzm was a beast n another close one was xcon pro, Inspire also great.

If I had to choose one … PhenomIzm.

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The Phenomism isn’t metal rimmed :wink:

My favorite metal rimmed would also be the Phenomism, but it’s not metal rimmed :stuck_out_tongue:


well its considered metal rimmed on yye…