Whats Your Favorite Game 2023?

Bro same here lol, @mable does speed runs though and she’s pretty boss at it

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Awwww Sh**, I’ve only met 1 other person in my life that’s heard of Shadow hearts

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I used to go to the RPG version of GDQs every year, RPG Limit Break. And Shadow Hearts speedruns pop off hard. What a criminally underrated franchise.

street fighter 6 and armored core are the only new games i’ll play from this year. so mostly just waiting on those :slight_smile:

i recently started dark souls 2 for the first time (after playing every other fromsoft souls-like multiple times), and i think it might be my favourite game they’ve done.

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Certainly not a favorite of mine but I wanted to share because I just remembered this. Awhile back I showed my 83 year old grandpa that game ‘Lawn Mowing Simulator.’ He saw it, then went on for a good 15-20 minutes lecturing me about how things like that are what’s wrong with my generation, and how we should all be outside mowing our own real lawns :joy::joy:


Ah, I wish I still had my Gameboy games. 8 moves and I’ve lost them all haha. Fired up the NES the other day though. My Xbox 360 struggles to exist but that NES works every single time.

Currently my favorites are Jedi: Survivor and The STELLAR Dead Space remake. Dead Space was my first glimpse into the “next gen” and it has held up quite nicely. I also got The Mortuary Assistant for Switch and really enjoyed it until night time when I realized I couldn’t play this specific game before bed. Like, I already have appointments set up for not being able to sleep, I don’t need more reasons.

Current consoles are the Switch and Series X.

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Mostly been switching between Dying Light and replaying New Vegas.

Counter strike go on pc for me!

The first half of my namesake, Smash Ultimate!

Im usually playing this, or some RPG or metroidvania on my switch. Ive mostly only had time for Smash since picking up yoyos more seriously.

Im a Yoshi main, he’s called Yoyo :laughing:. I play Cloud too.

Honorable mention. If you ever get a chance to play through Nier Automata, that game literally blew my mind :exploding_head:. It took me a while to understand the hype, but then the game took my brain and out it in a blender and scrambled it around lol.