Official PSP gamer thread

(LordCanti) #1

Well I got bored today and decided to create the “Official PSP gamer thread” since I feel PC gamers shouldn’t be the only ones that have a dedicated thread. Post all you psp stuff here: Bragging about your “mad skillz”, in game problems, or pretty much anything PSP related. I’m a hardcore PSP player, I play mostly rpg, fps, and racing games, and love anything from Square Enix and NIS America, and own ZERO sports games so yea… That’s about it… LONG LIVE THE PSP!!! ;D

If losing you are, yet no mistake you have made, a different game you should play. -Yoda


I had a PSP 3001 for a good while. I remember when that Patapon exploit happened.

I eventually loaded a CFW onto it, setup an iso loader, threw a few games on my memory card, and gave it to my brother.

I use my Nexus 7 (2012) with PPSSPP now. I only really play 無双OROCHI2 Special nowadays.

(LordCanti) #3

Cool! ;D Glad to know someone still plays PSP. I kinda realized that PSP is an antiquated system, but I still love it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gonna have to ask… What game is 無双OROCHI2 Special most similar to? It looks like either Final Fantasy Dissidia or Dynasty Warriors.

Also just beat The 3rd Birthday (22hrs hard mode) it’s a short game that I think combines the Square Enix feel with MGS Peace Walker minus the sneaking.

Any other games you’ve played?


It’s closer to Dynasty Warriors; it’s the Warriors Orochi spin though that combines both Dynasty and Samurai Warriors universes.

I played a bit of Taiko no Tatsujin: Portable and Half-Minute Hero also.