Looking for PSP

Well I’m looking for a PSP,I have yoyos,and some other things to trade,such as my 3rd gen ipod…
I will put up pics of them soon…
So if you have a PSP that you would’nt mind trading,please PM me…


awww i dont have a charger only half of one my sister lost the other half :’(
what about selling???

thats fine…
Well,I’m Quite broke at the moment…

I like your g5 and project but sadly I just got a new m1 so i dont have need for new yoyo but what about I sell you it for like $100-120??

I also live nearby so shipping would be very cheap too :slight_smile:

PSP(Some scratches I think, I’ll post a pic if your interested, Also sometimes when I play madden ncaa 07 it freezes and you have to turn off, but usually just take the game out and put it back in, it also it has a full battery)
Half a charger(Sorry, but I have $20 giftcard to game stop and I can go buy one too)
Original Box
Both or 1 of the manuals(Need to check, if I only have 1 is the big fat one)

2gb memory card(I’m pretty sure)
Case(Dont know name pretty handy fits most stuff, charger is hard to get in though)
Disk Cleaner(Works fine)

nba live 2008
SOCOM US Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 2(I dont know if I have 1 or 2 but its so fun)
some 2007 mlb game
ratchet and clank not sure if I have it though
madden 08(I dont remember if works)
ncaa07(pretty fun, not that realistic though)

This is all I remember right now, I am at a friends house, later on I’ll edit this and add some pics

i have a “fat” PSP that i would be willing to sell

it has some dust behind the screen and a couple minor scratches but it works completely
will come with A LOT of games (too many to count unless you becom interested)

a 2 gb Memory Stick

a FULL charger!

only one problem…it is missing a battery…which you can find rather easily but i would be willing to part with it for your Project, and if your interested in 4a ill also send a hayabusa for your FHZ(i lost interest in 4a)

I have another offer for a psp on another forum,for those yoyos,what version is the psp?100,200,or 3000?

I got my spring of 07 so I dont know right now, what is he offering???

Your offer is quite intruiging!
the project is pending,BUT i really like your offer…
You may just have yourself a white project and fhz… :wink:


“got a psp for trade if you’re still looking. Its pretty much brand new barely played. Comes with 9 games. its a 2000 silver.
Games + psp are going as a package…cause games are useless without the psp :P”

it also is bundled with about 9 games.

spyder,g5,and PGM(which originally wasnt for trade…but…I;m not sure at the moment…) are what he asked for…

I have mine as a bundle games and psp and I can by a new charger too, he only has 3/4 more games, and I live like an hour away from fredericksburg also I only want the g5 and project

Hows about this…
Rast gets the Project(so i can git the Fat for my sister)
And Yoyo13 can get Spyder,and G5?

you sure my friend want that project and he might add some games, I am at his house

he said ratchet and clank size matters I don’t know if I have this though he’s checking for other things his brothers wants it very bad

Okay,that sounds great!

what else(games/accessories), when i go home soon i’ll post pics of everything

he has ratchet and clank size matters in case without manual, and a play gear pocket too

no prob,is he willing to let them both go?

yeh there prefectly fine so what yoyos do you wanna give away, im wanting that g5 and they want the project

Oh we got mixed up…
I was saying,you can have the G5,And spyder,And Rast can get the project…
UNLESS,flyingace wants to trade a psp for it?

i have a silver PSP 300 with about 12 or 14 games with it mint condation what yoyos do you have games include crisis core final fantasy, rainbow six vegas, midnight club L.A. remix, nba live the inside, ratchet and clank size matters, and gta vice citie stories graw 2 simposin game

Awesome im so excited i have been wanting a project for a while!