[b][u]EVERY GAME IS 3$ IF YOU BUY THEM ALL PAY 25$ (8$ OFF)[/u][/b]

                         [u][b]ONLY GAMES LEFT[/b][/u]


socom fireteam bravo2-comes in medal of honor case, greatest hits, very fun

NFL street 3-warning extremely addicting

replay-14 hot classic games

gradius collection-very entertaining, i could play it all day

CAPCOM classics collection reloaded-19 classics from back in the day, very fun

HITS remixed-40+ awesome classic mini games

coded arms-greatest hits, epic futuristic 1st person shooter

smackdown VS raw 2006-very fun, lots of custom game types ect.

hotshots golf open tee-good game, very realistic

tony hawk’s project 8-very hard, will keep you busy for a while

MARVEL ultimate alliance-amazing super hero adventure, VERY FUN AND LONG

star wars battlefronts 2greatest hits, never gets old, my personal favorite

pictures —>


onedrop m1 preferably mint but a few scratches is fine as long as it plays good

yoyojam fiesta, i would like white but other colors are fine

yeah 1gb doesnt seem like much but on the psp its alot it held all of those games with room to spare

how did this happen ill see if i read it wrong

1 gb doesnt hold a lot

if your not offering please dont post

Sorry for the thread jack, free bump