Chaser and 422 strings/$40 PSP/Ps3 games for trade or sale

CHASER … Translucent red. Original caps. a little scuffed but still plays like new. inner rings are slightply polished but not very well. I also made costom caps. If you like them ill keep them and if you dont ill peel them off. $20

I know people LOVE this… but i might as well try…

I dont play videogames anymore since i started yoyoing. I have a bunch of ps3 games for sale or for trade if youre interested.

Prefer MONEY!.. but… if you have something you want to offer up just ask, you never know.

Ps3 Games- OFFER
Red Dead Redemption*
Dirt 3*
Dead Island*
Tekken 6*
God of War 3*
God of War collection (has 1 and 2 remastered)*
Call Of Duty: Black Ops*
Little Big planet 2
Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout 3*
Oblivion (also have this for pc, which is what the game should be played on)*
$100 for all with * next to them as a package deal.

[s]Original psp $40
- works fine. A few scratches, a crack in between the CIRCLE and TRIANGLE buttons that you cant feel. Comes with no memory stick… will accept any pro duo memory card.
- $60 for X Men Legends 2, Family guy seasons 1 and 2, Jacka** 1, and the terminator along with the Psp.
-$80 if you want an 8g pro duo card with it as well, ill add Spyro the dragon and medevil onto it as downloadable games.

So $80 for psp, 3movies/shows, 3 games, and an 8g memory stick. Willing to negotiate price. [/s] PENDING

!All Games in perfect condition!

I may not want to trade certain games unless i get a decent offer, and i’ll obviously trade multiple games for certain throws.

*I also have a ton of Ps2 games and a few Ps1. Pm me if you’re interested im not writing them all out on here right now. *

Pm me about trades or offers.