Kingdom Hearts

This is easily my favorite game series. Who else plays it(if anyone). Does anybody else think it would be awesome for it to be remastered in HD?

I have the one for the ps2 (the first one). It was great, but I don’t play it much anymore…I use my free time for yoyoing(:

I LOVE those games. My friend and I love those games so much! He loves to play the second one, against Sepheroth (?) over and over. I had the DS version, but traded it.

It’s probably my favorite fantasy adventure game series.I enjoy the music ,and the use of disney movie characters in the game brings back memories.I don’t like that all the newer kingdom hearts games are on portable systems. :-\

I had KH2 on PS2 but I lost it… >_>

me and my friend used to spend like 12 hours a day playing the last level of kingdom hearts 2 where u gotta face like 5 bosses. we never beat it cause we didn’t know how to do a certain part lol

I have a few of the games. I have 1 and 2, 365/2 days(or whatever),and Birth by sleep. I hear that the one after the one coming to the 3ds is gonna be number three. FINALLLY!!!

I have a good friend who is currently playing through the storyline in order from the first one