Nintendo 3ds

I’m getting mine for Christmas ,hopefully with the Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance big box edition.
Anybody like it? Favorite games? Is it worth it?

I want a 3ds just so I can play dream drop distance. At first I was disappointed with what the size was supposed to be, but with the xl, that should no longer be a problem. I still want one really bad.

I’m not one for portable systems ,but there is some really good games for this one.

I can’t buy one I have some eye problems causing me to get a head ache when I look at that 3d graphics

DUDE KH:DDD IS SOOO AWESOME!!! it’s there best one yet! Abbey the 3D actually never gave me a headache but it gets annoying because if you move some it’ll go double image on you.

I can’t wait for it! I’ve been obsessed with kingdom hearts ever since I watched the chain of memories commercial ,and bought the first game. :smiley:

I have KH: 1, 2, 3D, 358, and Chain of Memories. And beaten all but 3D lol

You can turn the 3D off, I also get headaches from the 3d effects of that gaming system, but will be getting the 3ds XL in the near future, I just won’t ever use the 3d, the games are good so its worth it.

I recommend Star fox 64, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time, KH 3D, and NOT kid icarus (unless you want a cheesy humored game with poor story line and good gameplay)

oh that’s handy to know I can turn the 3d off since I won’t get headaches (I get headaches because I got eye problems)

Yeah there’s a 3D dial on the top screen so you can decide how much you want it 3D or even if you want it at all.

Is the 3dsxl worth the extra money?

I doubt it…

Yeah I saw the Dsi xl and it didn’t look that cool just bigger

yeah its just bigger so you can read rpgs and see down the track farther in racing games, see targets farther away in shooters, and basicly make it more functinal for me.
I like them and don’t use normal dsi’s at all just the XL.

I’m not saying that having an XL wouldn’t be cool but I like the portableness of it being smaller

Yea ,I’ll just stick with the regular ,so I can still get dream drop distance.

I can’t wait for it.My regular ds has no chaeger for it ,so I’ll just play megaman two on my gamboy color until Christmas. haha

My Dsi broke, as in the battery wore out…It sucked. It was on a trip too, so i Didn’t have my 3DS with me…

Luckily ,I live 10 minutes away from gamestop and cash and culture ,so I can get a new charger really soon.