Summit or nintendo 3DS XL?


Hey all!
my birthday is coming up soon! yayay!!!
but…for a gift from my family, i can either get a new CLYW and One-Drop Summit, or a 3DS.
Which do I choose. Im at a stand still
For the 3Ds I get, pokemon X and Y, mario Kart 3DS, the new mario bros, Ocarina of time, and fire emblem.
and the Summit is an amazing throw.
Just some background info: I have a chief and an avalanche. So I don’t necessarily “need” the summit but I want it because I want to try out the side effect system and I LOVE the avalanche and the summit is based off of it. Plus the gap of the summit looks godly. Also I want it just to have a piece of history.
SO WHAT DO I DO? such a hard choice!


Omg video games vs yoyo??! Im surprised the answer to this question hasnt jumped off the page and slapped you in the face :wink:


5 years from now no one will know what that nintendo thing is, but your yoyo will last you a lifetime


Compared to no one knowing what a modern yoyo is today.

I’d say go for the DS. You already have some yoyos. Plus the DS and games are worth more.


I agree with this. Buy more yoyos when you have nothing else to get.


I bought myself a 3ds XL for christmas.

I have
Monster Hunter Ultimate
Demon Survivor Overclocked
Tales of the Abyss
etc,etc… all the best 3ds/DS games

I hardly ever play it. Idk, the games are good… they just aren’t all that captivating because they seem limited/linear. If you like RPGs and JRPG’s I suggest getting it, as the games mentioned above were fun while I played them, but I never finished um haha

However, if you plan on going crackhead mode on Pokemon X/Y when it comes out, like me, then I’d suggest getting one.

p.s. don’t get NSMB2 unless you find it for super cheap. It was cool, but too easy. I literally had over 300 lives half way into the game (without trying) and when you die more than 3 times on a level they give you a raccoon suit that makes you invincible. I’d skip this one.


You already have nice yoyos. Just go for the DS.


More value is a factor to consider, as well as which will get the most use. I’d go Summit, I prefer grab n go vs power on, loading, saving etc…


Well, I got a ds lite because I thought it would knock my freaking socks off, but… It didn’t… :frowning: I would go for te Summit if you like yoyoing at all, but it’s really your call! :wink: your question is getting some mixed answers, so you should really just pick what you want most!


I have the DS Lite. I love it. I did start on an Atari, though.


I agree also. if u get a ds and dont like it, you can sell it and get a summit or something even better, but if you like the 3ds, then you like the 3ds. its a win win if u get the 3ds.


3ds has some great games, with more on the horizon.


I once had a 3DS and honestly, I didn’t like it. The games weren’t that good and the 3D was just gimmicky. I sold it and bought some yoyos. Skip the buying and selling part, just go for the yoyo.


There have been alot of games that have come out, Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter, and coming out soon Animal Crossing and Pokemon X and Y

In the beginning the 3ds library sucked but it is growing plus there are some killer downloadable titles.


Definitely summit


Hands down Summit.


I would get a Nintendo 64. I think it is the best up-to-date console


The 3DS will give you much more entertainment than the Summit will.







Anyway, I’d pick the 3DS. There are some great games for it these days. Luigi’s Mansion, Monster Hunter, etc. You can yoyo with one yoyo. Depends on what your friends do too I guess. PEER PRESSURE