Summit or nintendo 3DS XL?

Seeing as how your posting this in a Yoyo forum and NOT a Nintendo videogame forum the answer should be obvious.

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Getting the Summit won’t help you learn tricks any better than the yoyos you’ve got. You can still have just as much fun yoyoing. Side Effects are sort of nice, but over-rated. You can tweak the hub weight a bit, whatever.

If they’re looking at buying you a new 3DS with all those games, it’d be a lot cheaper to get the Summit obviously. The price difference is significant.

Still, if it’s your choice… get the 3DS. At least if you’re into video games. I’ve tried one before and it’s a good system. Plus, it’s Nintendo. So there’s good games on it and there will continue to be.

The Summit is super hyped, but it’s just another yoyo. It’s objectively no better than other high-end metals.


^^^ Most helpful post yet.

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Get the ds, u already have nice throws so u dont need another… now… if u only had like $20 throws then i would say the summit hands down, but u already have some nice yoyos :slight_smile:

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what a great response! I probably will not also get the game. I will have to pay for them on my own hahaha

Since you already have a Chief and Ava, worse case you can trade those 2 and get a Summit from someone, there is bound to be someone who doesn’t care for it, even though I’ve heard good things. I’d personally get the DS and you’d definitely be able to trade/sell it on this board if you got tired of it. Also, if they buy you a DS, they have to at least buy you one game on top, so you’re getting like $250 worth of stuff vs $115 for the Summit. It’s a no brainer. Happy early Birthday and enjoy your new DS ;D

Can’t go wrong with either, you’ll get bored of both in a month and sell them in BST and ill be waiting insert creepy pedo face in here

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Do you have any other video games? iPod touch Wii Xbox PS3??

Ask your parents maybe If you can get the DS and salvage 1 or 2 games for cash then earn the rest and buy the Summit yourself :).

You should probably negotiate with your parents. A 3DS XL is a lot more costly than a summit. See if you can somehow get more out of the deal, rather then just a yoyo.
If you’re leaning towards yoyos, ask your parents if you can buy stuff up until you reach the price of the 3DS, this way you’ll get more.
If you’re leaning towards the 3DS, just get it, because if you get the yoyo out of pressure you’ll end up regretting it indefinitely.

Forget what these people say. They don’t know how the 3DS is exploding with great games this year. There are spool many great games that have come or are about to come in 2013. Get a 3DS.

I would go with the yoyo because it’ll last you forever unlike a 3Ds will only last until you have no money left (new games)

3DS with Monster Hunter. We’ll gather at a contest and hunt some beasts.

Virtues last reward is still my favorite 3DS game. Along with Kid Icarus and Fire Emblem Awakening.

Glioma coin, it doesn’t matter what side it lands on, but you’ll know what you want when you do. It makes no sense, but trust me.

Yoyos. Video games will always be there too. If I compare my level of stoked for getting a new video game to that of getting a new yoyo… There’s no comparison, getting a new yoyo is always the highest level of stoked for me. Hehe.

You’ve got yoyos. The summit will do the same thing as them, just it’ll feel a little bit different.

The 3ds on the other hand, the games will be brand new and won’t be basically the same as what you already have. Get the 3ds, then save up and get the summit later.

I’m not sure what’s available for 3ds, as I kinda stopped following handheld consoles like 4 or 5 years ago. I’ve heard though that there’s monster hunter for the 3ds. In which case, that would without a doubt be what I’d get. I clocked over 500 hours in the first mh for ps2, and another 400 on monster hunter portable 2nd G (imported from Japan, actually.)
Easily one of the greatest game series I’ve ever played.

Flip a coin. Heads 3ds tails summit. Say it lands on heads (3ds) and you’re happy and your decision is made.
Different scenario:
It lands on heads (3ds) and you’re unhappy with the verdict. You realize you truly want the Summit.
Do this and you will know what you truly want. If you REALY don’t have a preference, then good for you! :slight_smile: I hope you’re happy with what you get, man! :slight_smile: enjoy the 3ds or the summit

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3ds XL! You already have a Chief and an Avalanche.

Summit for sure. DS gets boring after a while, but the summit will give you months if not years of awesome play.

Yet the discussion is about a 3DS. You can’t say the system gets boring. It’s about the games, which the 3DS is pooping out in quantities this year.