Summit or nintendo 3DS XL?

I can definitely say my pc is pretty boring. It just sits there. The only thing I can see is a few fans spinning and red leds. Although the same could be said about a yoyo. They just sit there, but they don’t even have moving parts that I can see. So by this logic, the 3ds is the way to go.

Get the Yoyo. Or at least get a PS VITA

Yoyo>Game consoles any day.

Instead of your parents buying you the 3DS and games, ask for money. Buy a used 3DS and the game(s) you KNOW you`re going to play, then save up money for the Summit.

The topic says 3Ds xl and last I checked the xl is much more expensive than the regular so I’d suggest if you want a ds get the regular 3ds. That also allows you more moolah for games. You do already have more $$$ worth in throws than I’ve seen with my eyes at one time so…

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My avalanche is fool’s gold. So i didnt pay that much for it. In terms of yoyo pricing. Anyone else would say $60 is very expensive. But I chose to go with the Summit.