Yeti or Summit?

Many are probably sick of seeing theses threads but I can’t decide between getting a yeti or getting a summit off bst. I like chill, medium speed play and trying to get into more technical tricks. Any opinion helps. Sorry if this annoys the crap out of you. :frowning:

Honestly, They both fit that description.
Tell me, Do you like large Diameters or medium?
If large, Yeti.
If Medium, Summit.

Medium diameter. Thank you!

Since you are going off bst though I would say try for a summit because its much easier to find, but if you are dead set on getting a yeti then happy hunting.

Summit forsure :slight_smile:

Nah im not one of those people who are fixed on a yeti. I just wanted to know which one would be better for me.

wait for the full yeti release I hear the play like a chief

The yeti is all Hyped…

It is cheif size.

But plays nothing like a chief. Plays like a $40 dollar yoyo. Its not super DUPER smooth and long spin and all that.

Its a $40 yoyo… It plays like it cost $55 or something… Nothing compared to a Summit or a Chief

um. Its actually Larger than the chief, by a bit.
and heavier. and completely different.
and I Think it plays pretty great. Not compared to those metals. But pretty darn good

Get a summit the summit is one of my favorite throws but everybodys different

I can’t put my Yeti down its too good. I also love my Summit, it really comes down to preferences though. Yeti is floaty and big. The Summit is sort of inbetween with ULs but floaty with something like domes, and a medium size. The Summit has longer spin times but the Yeti is better for horizontal. It all just depends on your preferences.

I wouldn’t buy an overpriced, used Yeti, wait for the restock.

My first metal yo was a Summit. It’s amazing! I haven’t tried a Yeti, so I can’t really compare them.