Summit or Yellets?


It may sound like an obvious answer of Summit but consider the prices too :slight_smile:

Like my problem is I keep thinking is the Summit worth that extra $40 or so in comparison to yellets? considering I’m also getting spike side effects

I’ve never had a CLYW or One Drop ever so the fact that summit is both is a plus but the price pushes me away a bit.

Yellets, I hear good things about them and was wondering if I should just get this for a cheaper price? then just spend the others on extras like string, side effects, responses etc.

Last part that bothers me when considering both of them is should I dare get nickel plated? since I like shiny stuff especially the metal rings on my Dark Magic II or should I get normal splash colors? I worry the nickel won’t have a good grind surface? that’s somewhat important to me :wink:


The nickel plated Summit’s grinding surface if completely normal. There’s no difference it and the regular ones. As for color, just choose what appeals to you. Maybe you could list some more information so we know exactly what you like in a yoyo (I guess you like full sized based on your other throws)? For future reference, please put these questions in the "Looking for help/recommendation section. :slight_smile:


The Yelets is much smaller than a Summit. It’s more of a pocket throw.

And nickel plating WILL effect grinds for the worse. Additionally, the nickel Summits appear to be polished, which is about as bad as it gets for grinds.


I quite like the Yelets, but the smaller diameter makes it less of a standard throw.

You may want to consider waiting for the Chik! It should be available on Friday for $88.

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Nickel plated/polished throws do not grind well. I prefer the summit… Just go for a solid color.


Summit by far, yelets play ‘ok’ and kinda awk


I feel like Summits are more for yoyo contests because Yelts are just too small. But hey, it’s just preference.


They Yelets was more of a unique throw.

Probably in the future, it will be very collectible, like the Peak.

So it would be cool to get one. And it’s customization range is pretty big, being that you can change side effects.

But for my honest opinion, get a Cascade.


Well I have never really had an undersized throw exactly I assume they don’t feel too different? since its just a few mm difference?

My only undersized throw is the popstar which is a little extreme. So far looking at my collection the chaser by yoyojam looks a little slimmer than the rest. So far I like the Summit’s design but then I also hear good reviews for Yellets.

I say this because Summit is very expensive and wondering if it’s worth it? Will it be too heavy with a spike side-effects? cause i know the purpose is for weight but i think spikes look awesome :slight_smile:


As mentioned the Chik! might be the solution for you. It’s well priced and nice and big and competition ready. The Yelets is more about pocket size/portability.


Just saw the Chik! I really like the textured surface for grinds :slight_smile: I also dig the spikes side-effects system.

Looking forward to some reviews or if people have bad experiences and whatnot with it