Kingdom Hearts

I’ve literally have only met 2 KH fans and neither yo-yo and it’s a hit game WHAT THE WORLD! yo-yoing KH fans (other than me) exist right?

I happen to be a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts series.The game gives me quite a magical feeling.I can’t wait to play the newest game.I even used a song from the soundtrack in a freestyle.

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Kingdom Hearts all the way!
Square Enix has got to be one of the greatest companies ever!

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I still havent beaten KH 1 or Birht by sleep, great games, I don’t care if it has Disney or not,(Disney is awesome,) I would still Enjoy it to no end!!! BLARGH!!!

Fav Organization 13 member, Xigbar…and Demyx. Those two…are so awesome…And Demyx is such a jerk…

Dance water, dance!!!

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I’ve played KH1 & 2, and Chain of Memories. They are a few of the best games I have ever player. There have been moments in the game that have caused me to tear up.

They’re so much fun and it has a great story.

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KH3D is ninja beast I recommend you get it A.S.A.P!

and I hope keyblade wars isn’t on ps3. though ps3 will be old news by then.

I really wish they hadn’t killed the psp, i enjoyed mine…though the Vita looks slick.

yeah and Birth by Sleep is crucial part in the story line

I have almost beaten BBS, so…hard on critical mode…Took me three trie ro beat Aqua’s first boss…Stupid level 2. But according to my buddy, that makes me a God…Thing is, I always played on the hardest mode on KH games.

me too I beat KH I and II at the end of 3d on proud mode