Video Game recommendations.

mods sorry if this is in the wrong spot. Please move if necessary. Back to the purpose. I just beat Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (one of the best games ever) and got all the extra stuff and what-not a couple days ago(without internet help!) So I’m looking for a new game. I’ve been looking for LoZ: Windwaker for gamecube, but apparently no one is willing to sell one reasonably priced (i.e. $60+ [unless it’s auctioned which get raised even higher at the end sometimes]) So just curious if you guys have any suggestions. I have a Wii, 3Ds, PS2, and GBA.

I just love Super Mario Bros on the Wii for some reason…but only with like 3 other people…

Did you ever play Shadow of the Colossus on the PS2? Amazing, classic game. If you can’t find a copy I can probably locate and mail you mine for free. It’s great.

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is one of the best single player Wii games. (cough Avatar).

Super Smash Bros Brawl is really good, too. Awesome multiplayer and there’s also a solo adventure mode.
Those are my two favorite Wii games, and if you get them used it shouldn’t be very expensive.

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Pac Man. 'nuff said.

Gamecube games have gotten SO expensive recently, I feel your pain…

  • It’s not on a console, but if you have an ok computer you should get some of the humble indie bundles. The 7th one is out right now. (You pay whatever you want, but normally if you pay more than the average price you get something extra)
  • You can normally find resident evil 0-4 for pretty cheap.
  • I just bought Final Fantasy XII, basically all of that series is a good deal used… I’m still waiting for that to come.
  • Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door was fun.
  • LOZ Twilight Princess. Definitely see if you can find that, I love how immersive that game is. (well LOZ in general…)
  • Super Smash Bros Melee.
  • Silent Hill in general. The 2nd one is supposedly the “best.”
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Like everyone else has said Super Smash bros. brawl is super fun (as long as you’re playing with friends, it can be fun by yourself though).

Believe it or not Mario Kart Wii is actually really fun as well.

Donkey Kong Country Returns is also a great game (nostalgia ftw!)

Any of the Pokemon games for the GBA (especially emerald, but fire red/leaf green are fantastic as well). Mystery dungeon was pretty good but I’d recommend that for the 3ds or normal ds if I were you.

Midnight Club for PS2.

You gotta get Okami for Wii if you don’t have it already for that or PS2. The Wii version is the one you want for sure, it almost validates purchasing the entire console just for that one game. I think it’s pretty handily the best Wii game, and probably one of the top 10 games of last generation.

We just got just dance 4 for the wii it is a lot of fun you should try it some of the dances are really funny. On the other hand my brother loves playing black ops on our wii as well as super Mario bros. And carbon need for speed racing game. As for me I like the Mario games.

For ps2: jack and daxter, jack II, and jack III.
For wii: my sims kingdom/agents (kingdom is better though)

Pokemon Emerald, Leaf Green/Fire Red= yes
Pokemon Mystery= surprisingly enjoyable. I have only played Dungeon Red but the DS ones seem to be the same thing.
Also would recommend any Zelda game except for Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.

I enjoyed them. The main temple in phantom hourglass would probably be annoying to a lot of people though.

The Humble Bundles are amazing.  The Binding of Isaac is soooooo good.

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Super Smash Bros Brawl nuff said

Super Mario Sunshine for Gamecube. Best $10 you’ll ever spend.

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Okami is a gorgeous game. It’s relatively easy, so you can just kinda cruise through it, but it’s very fun, and super pretty to look at. The Wii version of the game is definitely superior to the PS2 one, even if it sacrifices some of the aesthetic. There’s an HD version that just came out a while ago that works with the PS3 Move controller, but I wouldn’t bother with that unless you already own a PS3/Move and junk.

I’d also recommend Cave Story because it’s the best platformer I’ve ever played. I’d check it out.

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That includes me!!!

Been playing this bad boy game for so long. Though I’ve beaten the story 3 times, so I mainly play multiplayer. Thanks for the suggestions everyone I appreciate it, If you have any more I’d be glad to hear em’. Just saying I’ve been listening… and googling…

Super smash bros brawl, scribblenauts unlimited