Many new games for sale 4 cheap prices!!!(help me earn enough $ to go to worldz)

sorry, but my unlike my other topics, im not gonna make this all cutesy and fancy. Instead i will just say that me and my friend are trying to raise money to go to worlds and it world really help if you could buy one of these games from us. ;D Since you all are yoyoers then ill give you the benefit of cheaper prices, PM me if you’d want to buy. Here are the games. All of the games work with no defects and come mint in case and most with manual. I can also sell pretty much any PS2 or gamecube game you’d want me to sell, even ones hard to find (like GTA Vice City and Super Smash Bros. Melee!) ;D
Wii Games:
Monster 4x4 World Circuit - $14
Super Mario Galaxy- $20
Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End - $16
Star Wars the Force Unleashed - $18
Quantum of Solace - $21
Smackdown vs Raw 2008 w/ ECW - $15
Destroy All Humans Big Willy Unleashed - $10
Gamecube Games:
Shadow the Hedgehog- $8
Super Mario Strikers- $7
DS Games:
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon- $12
Avatar The Last Airbender- $7
I also have Kingdom Hearts, Chain of Meomries for Gameboy Advance SP and you can offer on that (itz a really good game! ;D) Shipping is $2.00 for each item!!!
Thanks !!! ;D

Pics? I suggest following this guide first:,1529.0.html


THE PICS DIDNT POST AGAIN!!! >:( just go to photobucket and view ATLyoyohitman’s account for pics!!! Sorry! ;D

bob i dont think it worked out

Do you have a link?

Hm. This topic is kind of old. I wonder if he is still trying to sell.

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