i got good yoyos i want to buy sell trade :Also some Game consoles for sale

What i want :
-Resonal prices
-2010 Severe
-Good yoyos
-Royal Dark Magic
-Yoyo tower
-44 Clash
-Mini Star
-Super Star
-Planet 9
-Trading Cards
-Custom throws
- Custom string
What i got:
-Mint-YYF Primo-Navy blue
-YYJ Meteor-Black
-YYF DV888-Purple
-Two Sunset Trajectory NXG-Green
-NY Yankee beginner yoyo
-Silver Skull counter Weight
-YYF Mint Protege-Red
-YYJ Revolution
-Clear case with mint ice cream foam
-Tube of Silicone
-Lots of trading Cards
other things to sell:
-Xbox with alot of games
-Four Xbox controlers
-Game Cube With games
-Game Cube Games
-Gameboy Color
-Game Advance
-Tech decks


Brandon nice thread! but your primo cas rim damage.A mint yo is a yoyo that has no damage,scuffs,dings,ect,Your primo is in great condition just not mint.

There’s a GBC anda PS1 in there, someone jump them now. These items are worth gold.

you should mark the sunsets traded to me

60$ for purple dv888

not even. GBC’s? i have 3 and a ps1. and i am stupid because i threw out my Nintendo64 =( i think i still have my parents old Sega. gamestop wouldn’t buy a Nintendo64 lol