Paint jobs and video games

Ok so i am selling some video games because i dont play then now.

Wii games
CoD Black ops
CoD World at war
need for speed hot persuit
super mario galaxy
pokemon battle revolution
the legend of zelda twilight princess
gutar hero world tour
backyard baseball
mario and sonic at the olumpic games
gutar here III legends of rock
mario super sluggers
mario kart Wii
godzilla unleashed
smackdown vs raw 2008

all games are $40 usd shipped

paypal is best but you can do any other but if money gets lost i am not responsibe


ill do trades for metal yoyos

no hubstacked yoyo
no broken yoyos
mint only

offer up

paint jobs done by jacob gross

this guy does a good job

$70 dollars shipped for solid,eggshell,splash,fades, and ect

$70 dollars shipped and up for more intense masking

Limited time offer

you send a yoyo plus $20(covers shipping and equipment) for a paint job

pm offers


some cool paint jobs

Wait, who are you and how do you know I’m getting a paint job O_o

bump gotta get rid of video games so i can buy new yoyos

bump may be getting rid of some