WANT: Paintball Equipment!

If you have something, PM me with what it is and a pic is helpful.


I’m open to hearing your yoyo trade offers as well.

I’d really love a Sebby Peak and/or cash. :slight_smile:

I have a 07 Augie Fash 888
near mint and can add some string

Let’s bump this TTT!

I’d like to sell or trade these items. Yoyos offers are good but I need some Xbox 360 stuff as well.

Xbox 360 WANTS:
Wireless controller
Controller Charger
“Kid Games” i.e. Batman Lego, Racing Games and the like.
Let me know what you have!

Interested in any of these?

Edit: Ack! Meant to pm that :frowning: Apologies

Bump for toys!

I know someone has something cool.

I have something cool

Yoyo Shirts added!

I want a skateboard and bmx stuff! Help a brotha out!

$50 shipped on Crucial!

Added urbeats! I want some nice throws! I will do a huge package deal!

I will do the Crucial + Addiction for only $60 shipped! Or trade both for a “The V” or “Firmy”.

Don’t miss this deal.

Will trade everything pictured for your Something Firmy or The V or Xbox 360 or PC games. PM me.

All four plastics for only $25 shipped!

Mainly looking for whats in my “Wants” be will consider other offers.

Check this out.