Will trade yoyos for PS3 games!!!!!

Just like the title says, trading yoyos for PS3 games, pm me if you have anything and I’ll tell you if I’m interested, open to all games accept for games for girls, so no Barbie games please. :stuck_out_tongue: thanks!! :smiley:

This is what I have to trade

Honey badger
Pure gold(only trading for like 20 games!!!)
And some other ones I can’t think of right now

I can text pics if you’d like, sorry I don’t have the right tools to post pics on here, there really is no other way for me to get any pics out there other than text, PLEASE don’t remove this.

any chance you could be a lil’ more specific w/ what you have?

maybe a group pics? it would be helpful to see what you are barterin’…




mindnight club la or what bout rock band or facebreaker can you trade an ipod with lil wayne headfones ??? 8) :stuck_out_tongue:

I have mw,motorstorm,rainbow six Vegas,full auto 2 battle lines, nba o8, might be interested to trade mw3 also I have some 360 games as well. Pm me back if interested please.

i have dj hero if your interested