Trading a 3ds with 4 games for yoyos.

i have a black 3ds with pokemon black,pokemon heart gold,super mario 3d land,and mario kart 7
the mario games are 3d as a bonus the 2gb sd card has a kirby game saved on it.

i lost my yoyos a while back and gave up, i wanna start throwing again and i dont play much games anymore…

i have no trade count so ill probly only take offers from people with good counts and ill just send first.

oh and will check this thread daily

what kind of yoyo are you looking for? i have a dark magic 2, 888x and a le tap up for trade. let me know if interested =]

I’ll trade you a blue dv888 a red dark magic 2 and some toxic strings?

whats the condition of these three?
and would you have a fhz youd be willing to throw in to that?

i would be willing too trade you a mint condition blue Dark magic 2 with konkave bearing, a yyf popstar with a konkave bearing also mint, a mint silver yomega maverick , a black and white mint except worn pads Duncan Fhz, a green mint duncan dragonfly, and a blue duncan freakhand not mint i used it for 5a comes with a counter weight and ill send you an extra bearing and spacer kit for duncan and i can also send u a bunch of strings

good offer, you willing to change all those duncans for the one modfather unnresponive one?

Pm me

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dont know the next time i can get on a computer,
if you have questions or want to offer up you can also text a ninja at 1(424)215-6143

Not sure what you’re looking for, but I got a sili recessed FHZ, a rev rev #9, a rec rev i, and a a green dv888 if there’s any interest there

traded to nathan