fs/ft good throws... LF kitteh code 2, Nintendo 3ds


NOW ACCEPTING MONEY VIA PAYPAL PAY AS A GIFT these prices do not include shipping
i will ship to canada. but other than that only american trades and sales
Mostly looking for cash and please dont try to low ball me no plastic throws please

Nintendo 3ds (i dont want a dsi i only want a 3ds)

****anything one drop
anything h spin or spyy besides addiction
I really want spyy punchlines any kind

Don’t offer outside my wants unless its actually a considerable trade I don’t want yoyojams of any kind and I don’t want yyf other than what’s listed I do want aoda’s and magic yo’s and audleys though but I am aware of their super low values so don’t try too play me

Money :slight_smile:

kitteh code 2*********************will trade big and include money for one of these

bbyy: anything not small bearing

Rec rev: 33 1/3, mangaroo, carbon, facade (i also have a facade i want a different color mine is raw i would trade it for a different one or a 33 1/3 )

exit 8*

Augie fash’s Catalyst****


blood brothers
first brother

winning bird **
dark star
master galaxy prototype

anything CLYW  besides a campfire

Please don’t offer me plastic throws

A black and white Duncan fhz mint except the friction pads 12$
a silver mint yomega maveric. 18$
Duncan Bumble bee mint 8$
Green Duncan dragonfly mint 8$
G5 50$
44. 30$ needs a longer axle just one size up but its playable and smooth atm
Dark magic 2 with kk bearing minty. 33$
Red superwide signed by gentry stien … 35$ (super close to mint)
Yyf jk 20$
Le tap 55$
yyj legacy 14$
starbrite- 15. From augie
spyy og punchline- 80$ (only looking to trade if its in my favor. Will sell easily if amount is met and offered)
swagger go big- 20$ + 3$ shipping
Aquarius - 25$+2 shipping
G5+  - 70$ favorite 5a yoyo this is the exact specific yo yo that Augie used in worlds and nationals in 2007 in his 5a freestyles it launched into a chandeleir I recently bought it from him huge value to me
duncan echo- 32$ pending
severe mint - 85$ pending
mint yuuksta- 60$ I got this from augie fash
Gacek boss mint rare- 65$ got from augie
If u couldn’t tell from my throws augie and I are friends lol
i just got a bunch of rec revs i have a raw facade, I, & 9
i also got a bbyy wedgie large bearing
werd groove 4 tiny baby pinpricks

original throws some are still on this page

new throws link

Look more bumps

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I got a boss soo text me if you want 9702709836

Hi Pleas answer me on PM

g5+ for boss?

price drops bump

A campfire isn’t One Drop…

whoops ya your right i put that in the wrong spot.
i still dont want one lol
and bump

Hey. I have a raptor i might be willing to trade.

bump what you trying too get for the raptor its not very expensive i know that lol

bump with updates

bump please only offer cash on the punchline unless your offering insane throws for it

do you still have or want to sell your 44 and 888

lumpy bumps

sham wow

really want the JK do you have it still?

jam slam split up BAM