FS:FT::CHEAP New prices!!!

Looking for almost any good quality throw.  PM me, the worst i would do is politely turn you down.
Add 5$ to the prices for shipping and just pm me for international shipping
I also have many ps2,ps3,DS Games that i would trade around, just ask me

Wants list:

SPYY Revenger
Super Near Mint. No Box. Super smooth.very big gap width and very light and quick.  Currently my favorite throw and not looking to let this go easy.(70$)

Duncan Hayabusa
Lots of 4a marks. still a great starter offstring.  I also want to keep this one unless the offer is right.(20$)
text me for pics

Comming in the mail

previous deals…
Bought a Phenomizm for 35$ BOUGHT
Bought a Code 1 for 50$ BOUGHT
Phenomizm for a 4XL Grooved  TRADE
Bought a Mighty Flea, string, and Pads for 40$ BOUGHT
Code 1 for a H5 and a PSG TRADE
Werrd 4XL Grooved for a Spyy addiction TRADE
Mighty Flea and 25$ for a bootleg supernova TRADE
Maverick sold for 10$ SOLD
Addiction for a Revenger TRADE
PSG and $1 for Hibussa TRADE
H5 for a speedfreek and $10 TRADE
Bootleg Supernova for a alchemy TRADE
speedfreek for a pure TRADE

HERE IS MY NUMBER 3015004625

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we’ll try to get bounty hunter, cream, and heavy cream pics up today



pics going up!

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