WANT: The End! Have lots to trade!


I want an End and I will trades lots for one. PM me if ANYTHING here interests you.

I will trade someone all of my paintball stuff for a street bmx bike. I’ve got an Invert Mini (anodized blue), Halo Too hopper, 6 ball pods w/ belt, new Dye mask, carbon fiber compressed air tank that was just tested a couple months ago. That is about $700 worth of stuff. I’d sell it all for $350 shipped.

Pods, pod belt and gloves not pictured but included

Also up for grabs:

I will sell these last 3 yoyos together for $185 shipped or trade for an OG Painted Peak

  1. One Drop Markmont Next: Has a few scuffs. Amazingly smooth yoyo. $75 shipped
  2. CLYW Wooly Marmot: Awesome colorway. Pretty smooth. $65 shipped
  3. CLYW Peak (Fools Gold): Painted Chromalusion color changing paint by Brett. Has a few tiny chips and a few paint imperfections. Has vibe. $75 shipped
  4. ILYY Rocket- Mint. GONE

The End
OG Painted Peak
iPhone 4
Supreme Kermit skate deck(s)
BMX parts
Rare skate decks


Lowered prices!


Polished Wooly GONE!

Make me some offers, I may just take them.


Also wanting a BMX bike.


All FOUR yoyos for $200 shipped! That is disgusting!


I’m open to more trades now. Rocket pending


AHH MAN!!! I wish I still had my old Steve Cab deck from the late 80’s to trade…to bad it was stolen :’(

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