Have Yo-Yo's, need X-Box 360 stuff

So I recently picked up a broken X-Box 360 and had it repaired. Now I need some accessories. Specifically, a wireless controller (or two) and a Hard Drive (bigger the better)
A Wireless Adapter would be nice also.
I have the below to trade:
YYF Skyline Tiger edition - MINT
YYJ Enyo Speeder - NEAR MINT
Shield (Ceramic bearing included) - Near Mint, Has a ding
Black Pre-Relase DV888 (Large Logo) - almost Mint, can’t find teeny tiny scratch
Crucial 2% - Mint
Spyy Spider WYYC 2007 edition - Beat, but smooth
Nickel M1 - Mint
Gruntbull Orbis - Mint
Hany2 - Missing a spike, but otherwise good.

Pictures on Request.
You can offer Cash also. The ONLY yoyo’s I am looking for is a Spyy Pure, or a Addiction, but those take a back seat to X-Box 360 stuff. Controllers, Wireless, ect. I need it.

when you get live, here’s my GT: Killarity.

how much for the skyline?

what about Halo 3, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Halo 2 the collectors edition, where you can play as one of the bad guys?

I might consider trading a controller, what could i get for it? It’s black, works perfectly, squeaks a little on the right trigger. I’ll take some pics if you’d like. :slight_smile:

Pics of the M1?

how many controllers do you want for the skyline, I have red and white controllers

i got the new halo odst, wanna trade for a yoyo?

i have a few modded controllers i can also make one custom for you if you want these are the mods i can do
rapind fire (never use this online i hate when people do that)
change the leds
and for games just stealth mod your 360

So if you were going to sell the Black Pre-Relase DV888 how much would you sell it for? If you have pix that would be cool too.