XBOX 360 fs/ft

I have an older xbox 360, one of the white ones with a 60 gb hard drive with many xbla games, including Trials HD,Doom, countless indie games, and many DLC’s.Also have 2 wireless controllers and 1 wired one. Everything is in excellent condition. The games i have include:Skate 2,MW2,Halo 3, FF13, Halo Wars, Assassin’s creed 1 & 2, the force unleashed, Arkham Asylum, and Alan Wake. If interested PM or post here.

You can’t really see this in the picture before, so:

It’s still functional, so I figure someone out there could make it wearable:

4a Throws
Any Markmont
Phenom or Night Moves
YYJ Destiny(when it’s released)
YYJ Bearing counterweights (also, when their released)

AND: I have no paypal or anything like that, so trades are preffered

bump^ pics soon

Ahh, sweet pictures.