whats your dream yoyo.

a general-yo hat trick with one side anodized black splashed with white and opposite for the other side.

one that spins


I want a beast unresponsive yoyo that becomes responsive once I want it to be during a trick.

Mini Grind Machine 2 888 sized.

YYF MVP gunmetal and red, if that is a choice somewhere…

eric wolff just showed me this one - lol

honestly, i have pretty much all my dream yo-yo’s.

A Butterfly By Duncan, :slight_smile:

Enigma im getting the die nasty this week though probably doing a review

a 888,dingo sized, ionbonded(scratchproof), bright green dicestacks

Where’s the fun in automatically showing off tricks?

Anyways, I’d really like the YYF Skyline


My dream yoy is an all-metal dark magic, with z-stacks.

Say…is there such thing as an all metal dark magic? ???

yeah, it’s called a peak. :wink:

really? if so…


Oxy Ti… So beautiful… I wonder what it feels like to touch and play with that yoyo… :o

A first run… Which, incidentally, happens to by my favorite yoyo of all time. The new ones are just… Not Peaks.

Unfortunately I came across hard times a few years ago and had to sell mine, :(. I would looove to get my hands on another one.

also a metal protostar with hubs


‘raw silver’ cut