Dream yoyo?

What would be your ideal yoyo? without considering costs of course. it doesnt even have to make any sense either you only have to want it XD.

mine would be a titanium yoyo. with steel outer rims, brass inner rings. with hubstacks.
i would want it wide and tall. basically just big. and heavy like 70g. and of that like 50gs on the rims. splash andonized crazy neon, with glow in the dark string and a bearing that spins like 2 minutes on its own…

or a really small yoyo. like mighty flea. but with more of a v shape. probably needs titanium body and tungsten rims for this one…

what crazy designs can the community dream up?

also what would you recommend for an intermediate player? i like em big and powerful. also i love hubstacks but i seem to be alone on this one…

I want this because I think it’s beautiful. I don’t care how it plays, I just want to look at it.

I don’t have a dream yoyo in mind just yet… Very happy with my CLYW return tops.

I sometimes wonder whether people who use CLYW ‘return tops’ actually realise its ok to refer to them as ‘yoyos’.



it stand for Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works anyway, people should know that already.
‘Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works Return Tops’
Ok Then.

My dream yoyo? I don’t know, I don’t think that anything should be perfect, in that case, there is no more things called unique.

Yes it does stand for that, yet they refer to their own yoyos as ‘return tops’ for legal reasons.

However, its alright for anybody who purchases one to call it a yoyo.

It really is ok. It wont be any less special if you call it a yoyo. It won’t poof into a party favor yoyo.

Titanium looper that has plastic starbursts. The starburst part is replaceable yet it will last forever. It also have to have thin aluminum caps.
It will solve pretty much looping yoyo have: plastic yoyos are not durable enough, especially not when you use two of them at the same time banging each other.

Titanium YWET

Oooh, I like that idea. I love small yoyos like The Boss or the DV 888. But they do tend to have less spin time because of the smaller diameter. A YYF bi-metal Boss could give us a small yoyo with great spin times.

But to do the same thing to a Mighty Flea? I have a mighty flea and at first, I thought of it as simply a gimmick yoyo because I couldn’t do anything with it. I’ve come to realize that it really refines your technique. You can’t be sloppy with a 1/2" wide catch zone. To have something that small with good spin times would be amazing.

I already have my dream yoyo it’s a Magnetude (unless a more expensive one comes out soon, I will have to have my parents get it for me)

Get yourself a catch 22 :wink:

Glad you have you dream yoyo! But there are certainly more expensive yoyo’s than the Magnetude… And in my opinion, its price shouldn’t have much to do with it being your favorite. Especially if you’re not paying for it, what does the price matter to you? Opposed to ya know, how it plays.

I’ve seen a couple posts of yours today, talking about the most expensive this or that you made your mom buy. You’re certainly entitled to your personal criteria for what is “good” or “bad”, as those are subjective things, but in my experience in life price is simply a number, connected to a variety of things, but rarely it being the “best”. Otherwise wouldn’t ever pro use the most expensive yoyo available to them?

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A bi metal (steel rings and 7075 aluminum) Pyro, with One Drops axle system, slightly wider gap, center trac bearing, and the finish you would find on a Markmont Classic. I would Looooooove to have something like that.

My next design

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Like a boss 8)

Should be my answer as well.
Would it make any difference if I change my answer to;
Amplified Shout!!!

I know right? its EXTREMELY unforgiving. like one split second mistake and it dies. i dont mind that its small… it increases accuracy A LOT. do an eli hop with a mighty flea, you can do it on a normal yoyo blindfolded. but damn it is frustrating… but i can put it in my pocket and forget about it unlike every other yoyo.
But the spin time and the high walls… they are the downfall. it should also be lighter. no point if all that weight is in the center. the pads suck too. more of a v shape is needed…they really should make a really thick rimmed bi metal. maybe a bit smaller than the mighty flea, a lot lighter but with most of the weight on the rims and not spread everywhere …

mighty flea 2.0: A curved v shape. titanium steel hybrid. better response pads and a better bearing.
titanium steel bimetals need to happen.

Mine would probably be a titanium throw of some sort (durability and sound). It would be about 54.5 diameter, 43 width. It would have a good finger spin cup and could handle any grinds. I would like the shape to be similar to the too hot (super comfortable). It would have a 10 ball grooved bearing. The yoyo would probably be made in America by either clyw or yff.