Who here has found there dream yoyo and what is it and why?

The point of a dream is that it’s not real yet. Just like my yoyo in my dad’s mailbox.

B!ST H2, played one at worlds and fell in love. Absolutely amazing quality and super smooth.

SPYY Gold PURE. Mostly because “That’s a good look.” Beautiful yo-yo.

all i use

so far, the Bully, but that could change in the future if and when i get my hands on a lio

cupcake by crucial even though I haven’t played with one yet

BOSS by YoYoFactory. Don’t own one, but have tried one. I’ll get one at Nationals for sure.

Catch 22… Haven’t tried one though.

I really want a C22. :stuck_out_tongue:


dont think that because its $460 that its the best yoyo ever. i assure you there are better yoyos out there for alot less

california and mutant dna and new breed

Dark Magic, Fav yoyo I have ever Played with and I am above master, But it was stolen from me at school :frowning:

My dream yoyo is something from the future.

Happy Throwing! =]

But have you tried one?

Right now, my PGM v2. But I am getting a Dv888 for my birthday September 30, so… :stuck_out_tongue:

You haven’t tried one, mikey77. Just because a yo-yo is expensive, doesn’t mean it plays well. If you try it, you just may hate it, because its totally different from the yo-yo’s you own. And, why did you ask tyler if he has tried one. That is a completely irrelevant thing to say.

Its not irrelevant. He wants to know if his opinion is valid. Have you tried one, SR? If not, I highly doubt your opinion is valid as well. Saying you’ve tried a C13 doesn’t cut it either. The C22 is an amazing yoyo.

I’m that kind of person that will make everything i do, FUN.
So the winner for me is probably the YYF Spinstar. Really run stuff.

Well my fav yoyo so far is a 5star by general yo. As far as a dream yo goes. Shrugs i dunno. I really really liked the wasabi tried cause i like smaller yos. the wasabi i tried was a proto version though which was quite a bit smaller that the final 09 version on sale at nation. So i guess my dream yo (Hard to find) is the proto version of the ILOVEYOYO Wasabi.