(marcusWsteadman) #1

Who here has found there dream yoyo and what is it and why?

A yoyo made for you...
(JonasK) #2

The point of a dream is that it’s not real yet. Just like my yoyo in my dad’s mailbox.

(JM) #3

B!ST H2, played one at worlds and fell in love. Absolutely amazing quality and super smooth.

SPYY Gold PURE. Mostly because “That’s a good look.” Beautiful yo-yo.

(JackG) #4

all i use


so far, the Bully, but that could change in the future if and when i get my hands on a lio


cupcake by crucial even though I haven’t played with one yet

(SR) #7

BOSS by YoYoFactory. Don’t own one, but have tried one. I’ll get one at Nationals for sure.

(Mikey) #8

Catch 22… Haven’t tried one though.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #9

I really want a C22. :stuck_out_tongue:




dont think that because its $460 that its the best yoyo ever. i assure you there are better yoyos out there for alot less

(jared) #12

california and mutant dna and new breed

(Raphael) #13

Dark Magic, Fav yoyo I have ever Played with and I am above master, But it was stolen from me at school :frowning:


My dream yoyo is something from the future.

Happy Throwing! =]

(Mikey) #15

But have you tried one?


Right now, my PGM v2. But I am getting a Dv888 for my birthday September 30, so… :stuck_out_tongue:

(SR) #17

You haven’t tried one, mikey77. Just because a yo-yo is expensive, doesn’t mean it plays well. If you try it, you just may hate it, because its totally different from the yo-yo’s you own. And, why did you ask tyler if he has tried one. That is a completely irrelevant thing to say.


Its not irrelevant. He wants to know if his opinion is valid. Have you tried one, SR? If not, I highly doubt your opinion is valid as well. Saying you’ve tried a C13 doesn’t cut it either. The C22 is an amazing yoyo.


I’m that kind of person that will make everything i do, FUN.
So the winner for me is probably the YYF Spinstar. Really run stuff.


Well my fav yoyo so far is a 5star by general yo. As far as a dream yo goes. Shrugs i dunno. I really really liked the wasabi tried cause i like smaller yos. the wasabi i tried was a proto version though which was quite a bit smaller that the final 09 version on sale at nation. So i guess my dream yo (Hard to find) is the proto version of the ILOVEYOYO Wasabi.