whats your dream yoyo.

earlier today, i got my yyf aqua splash boss.it was my dream yoyo.when igot it,opened it,then threw it.i said to myself"this is too good to be true,theres got to be some defect."and so far not one defect.i love that feeling when you find that one throw that just completely blows you away.i would like to hear about your special throw and how it blew you away when you first threw it.if you havent gotten your dream yoyo yet feel free to tell us what it is.yo-bear

The BOSS is my dream yoyo. Youre so lucky you got that! I still need to wait for my birthday to get it. BOSS… I really want one so bad!!! :’( :’( :’(

The Kamui Offstring Yo! Its Heaven NOT not attached to string! ;D

didnt we recently have a thead like this

undersized metal that spins forever, can automatically land insane tricks, and has hubstacks that magically dissapear during IRGs.

Yes it was actually Paolo’s thread. Maybe yoyo bear doesnt want to bring back old topics.

boss ;D

A Pgm with metal rims made of titanium, No stacks, 66Grams, YYJ bearing, and Flowable sili.

I was using my 2009 yyf G5. Then I gotta bassalope and was amazed at how fast and light it was.

For now, a hourglass shaped yoyo

RhongTo, or sleipnir.

oh.sorry,i did not know this was paolo old post i will delete it if you want me to.

(I really would like this) A CLYW Raw Peak with a bearing that NEVER needs cleaned.

me to

My original DV8. ;D

Most bearings never do need to be cleaned, just thin lubed every month or two.

hitman hybrid
nothing fancy ;D

eight8eight. Both sides different colors with a 10 ball bearing, and green hub stacks. droooooollllllssss

My dream yo-yo would be a custom YFF Lunatic. One half would be orange, and the other would be a dark blue. (Sort of like the special edition Skyline.) It would also somehow have dark green dice hub stacks with top tips. 8)

The Stradivari.

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Im itching to get my hands on a skyline, If I could get a matte black with bright green stacks I would be in heaven.