What's your daily beater?


I’m sure there’s a thread like this, but what’s your daily beater? Mine’s mah DV888. Boss yoyo!

(SR) #2

My “beaters” is one of my KLRs, the b-grade one, and my Avalanche.

If you’re talking like, real beaters, probably one of my plastics, like my Protostar, or even my Dv888.


My daily beater is my popstar for the ease of access to it. My normal beater is my Shinwoo Dolphin (for the beating it’s taken, its a great yoyo to still play as good as it does lol)


My YYR Fragment and E=MC²

(M.DeV1) #5

My SPYY Radian MKIII sure has taken a ton of hits after it came into my possesion.


My Code 1 or my Gnarwhal :slight_smile: Both have their fair share of battle scars, but it is worth it


My Di base and legacy 2


Burnside, Genesis and Fury

(Owen) #9



Protostar, I carry that thing everywhere! Has a bunch of vibe, but I love it ;D


a frogger edition albatross that i use for 5A


My poor Die-Nasty


My YYJ Classic with a 10ball and silicone pads. Take that bad boy everywhere and it still plays wayyyy better than a 10 dollar yoyo should.


Probably my supernova

(DOGS) #15

My Fury is my 5a beater. My Sceptre is my everyday throw, and spends most of its life being banged around in a holster by my side. Delrin is a great material to bang up; it just looks so good that way.


My canvas lol


Either my Code2, or my cascade.


Dont have one. I dont beat my yoyos.


Gold nugget chief


I try not to ding my yoyos, but if I’m going somewhere where a nice metal could get dinged I usually take a PSG.