Beating yoyos

Does anyone else find joy in totally beating a yoyo to a pulp once in a while?
I find it kinda fun…

The last one I destroyed was my g5.

Ehhh, NO.

what he said

I Guess it’s just me then…

well i saw paolo beating his m1 at blc haha, i dont like beating them but i like throwing them in water and stuff.


yes, but only plastics.
Here is my proof:

my poor little yomega ;D

Atually i almost smashed my dv888 when i hit meself in the eye caus it snagged up lol >:(

I like anno scratches, they make my yoyos 1 of 1

Me too.
yoyo is kinda hard to earn for me.

I beat them by playing them, but never for no reason. I won’t cry over a ding or scratch, but if you do it for a reason other than playing with it its totally pointless…

Like. Throwing it around for no apparent reason. I find that quite fun.

To each his own I guess. Personally I treat the things I buy with respect, but I guess that’s just me :wink:


you’re gonna grow up to beat your kids


Your G5 was pretty fun Matt… but it got revenge by having the string snap right at the perfect moment, if you recall correctly XD


It hates me… I’m glad it’s gone now haha.

At least tell me YOU were the one who bought it :expressionless:

Yup. with my own monies.

Slaughter of an innocent and defenseless yoyo? ??? NO! >:(